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Stone processing knowledge

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-16
The family decorates a natural stone material the most environmental protection while stone industry, low energy consumption, but the stone is, after all, non-renewable resources, at the same time, dust, noise and waste in the process of stone processing, etc. , and let the global stone industry needs to discuss the sustainable development of stone industry and communication. In this case, the 2010 world conference on wall mounted bar countertop will 'green stone - — The sustainable development of the stone industry of the world 'as the theme of the conference. China stone industry association, Italy stone machinery association, the Brazilian stone decoration association, the Spanish natural stone association, the Egyptian exports association, the American association of stone association, India stone and other international main representative will appear at the famous stone industry association, focuses on global stone resources conservation and ecological maintenance, discusses how to make every bit of stone material resources. World stone, chairman of the organizing committee, President of the CCCMC Xu Xu thinks, the stone material assembly and the 10th China xiamen international stone fair held at the same time, the mirror unripe brightness, greatly increasing the connotation and value of exhibition and conference on wall mounted bar countertop with the xiamen stone fair international influence make the world stone colleagues focus on industry hotspot issues, has a positive influence on the development of stone industry, the world conference on stone will also be a wall mounted bar countertop material industry at home and abroad, domestic peer exchanges and cooperation between the best international platform. products is environmental protection building materials of the stone material in view of the current domestic and international economic situation changes and industry hotspot, around the 'low carbon economy, energy conservation and emissions reduction' this hot issue, respectively from the mining of stone material industry, processing, use the green issues of the three links of the guests went into depth on the stone industry of new business opportunities in the future. The natural stone board overseas department director, Daniel Rea for the guests to bring us in improving the utilization rate of stone products and reduce pollution and so on the advanced experience. He thinks, although the stone is rare resources, mining of stone material conditions in mines, but natural stone material cannot be denied possesses the characteristics of long service life, reusable, especially used in some advanced technology today after the modification of stone mining and processing of stone products should be the most environmentally friendly building materials. Fujian stone industry association Xu Rongqi introduced the main types of stone material and use purpose. He stressed that the new design concept and process technology improve and expand the use value of stone material. New design concept for stone material can be combined with other building materials distribution innovation, and the new technology is to let stone with his clean, anti-bacterial, water and other new features. , he thought, resources is limited, but pay attention to the ideas and technology is more important than to buy resources.
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