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Stone processing knowledge

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-24
How to be prepared for a decoration before? Do not head of partitions toyobi: shoe ark, leave a little space to make shoes of ash can leak into the bottom layer, install lamp above the sink and kitchen burning gas. On the bathroom floor drain position must want to good, first measure good measure. Best leakage on one side of a brick, if in the intermediate position of the brick, no matter how brick, floor drain is not low. About brick Yang Angle parts processing methods, in the final analysis is to look at the level of workers. If bricklayers workers level is good, and grinding the tools of ceramic tile is good, you should not hesitate to choose grinding 45 degree Angle. On the effect of it, as long as the good grinding, grinding Angle of 45 degrees Yang Angle, is the most beautiful! Lined up the pipe after the water pipe pressure test is also very important. Test, everyone must be present, and the test of time in more than 30 minutes at least, the conditions permit, best for an hour. 10 kg pressure, finally no reduction can test pass. Plastic door must be good when the size of the plastic door frame bulging wall, inform the installation personnel, make the wall of the finish to the last frame and pasted ceramics is flat, already so beautiful, and good for health. Woodworking infiltrate right set of ceramic tile is also want to cooperate, and wet infiltrate right set when, want to consider the following ground ( Any side of the door on both sides of the ground) Under the mattress and bed board must breathe freely. As far as possible to buy lamps and lanterns should note: general choose glass, stainless steel, copper or wood ( The shelf) , what a kind not to buy iron above what other what paint coating, plating, easy to rub off. Water and electricity transformation plan to yourself and ask them to press line to cao. Watching them draw lines, all on painting line open cao. Each to their acceptance. Waterproof must do, must try water! Many construction became a verbal agreement in closing the gap at slaughter, must be written in black and white, the project must be to ask the price increase or decrease, write out! If put the floor on the ground, all need to do the cement floor to flatten out. The kitchen door, or to decorate a carpenter to do the wooden door crane rail as well. Power plug as often as possible in the living room. The bathroom shower outside or to do partition. Can't conveniently pull a shower curtain, actually is not very convenient, water everywhere. Make the material of door and door frame should choose wood grain detailed materials. Before the installation of ambry make sure your water is OK. Hutch defends don't pick the white floor tile. Sitting room lighting lamp that several unfavorable and overmuch, concise as well, or like the lamps and lanterns shop! ! ! Buy things you need to install the installation of the requirements to sell the goods as far as possible, don't pack installation, also must insist on after the installation is complete payment! ! Aluminous gusset plate of the best protective film is removed before loading. Shoe ark is best shutter door and deodorization. Shoe ark edge can leave a socket, used for drying the shoes.
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