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丨 stone refurbished maintenance to do?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-22
Stone refurbished maintenance to do? floor line is clear and beautiful, colour and lustre is atmosphere, good marble level is very high. In general, the more upscale hotel use marble, floor, kitchen, toilet and other places use more family, use the marble floor for a long time, often to clean and maintain. Today, small make up will introduce you to the marble floor cleaning and maintenance methods. Found that many customers are asking the question: how to clean and maintain the marble floor? Let's take a look at: 1 marble floor cleaning. Dust cleaning: for marble floor dust, regular cleaning, using professional dust push and static electric dust cleaner to clean the ground. 2. Common stains: can use slightly wet dishcloth to local common stains. 3. Special stains, such as stained with ink, color stain such as chewing gum, must immediately to clean. You can use a wet towel and gently pat and press the stain, then was absorbed in color with a clean towel to wipe.
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