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Stone resources distribution

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-12
Zhuang autonomous region, located in the south, and hunan, guizhou, guangdong, yunnan. Zhuang autonomous region, located in the south, and hunan, guizhou, guangdong, yunnan. Is China's mineral resources, known as the hometown of nonferrous metal, stone material resources are also among the top, stone are mainly distributed in the city. 1 congratulation state region, the title of the world's known as calcium carbonate in China are, congratulation state is the main white on marble, white marble, stone has a gray lines, predominantly gray earl grey marble, stone high calcium carbonate content above 90%, is the main raw material are derived, and a lot of toothpaste and cosmetics raw materials, white marble is mainly distributed in the congratulation state flat area and zhong shan county town. 2 hechi area main flow in yao nationality autonomous county, hechi city stone material distribution has grey marble, marble also called Cinderella. 3 white areas white city stone stone material is given priority to, mainly for the environment resources road rock, sandstone stone, garden stone wall. 4 liuzhou liuzhou region mainly for liuzhou ash hole stone, stone stone for other Cinderella, ruby marble, solid surface sheets for sale domestic Internet cafe, mainly distributed in rongshui miao autonomous county, sanjiang dong autonomous county. Guilin guilin area mainly black and white root stone, silver and white dragon, white, and the market is also called production white, white stone for guilin guilin guilin also is a kind of white, white marble, the main distribution area in guilin Yang county. 6 wuzhou, wuzhou region are mainly marble and the granite stone, marble mainly is given priority to with white, granite stone mainly sesame black, red, Chinese flowering crabapple red maple leaf, wuzhou region, the main producing area of stone material for CenXi city area. Flow for the north city, guigang city, qinzhou, shen, areas such as the passengers with granite stone material is given priority to, main stone is; Yellow rust stone, sesame, red maple leaves, Chinese flowering crabapple red, sesame and black.
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