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Stone selection: black and white and grey marble for this year popular marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-12
Launched this year by the big stone fair exhibitors melody, mainly black and white and grey solid surface sheets for sale, black marble, white marble, gray marble each type has been the big stone fair. Each big stone fair exhibitors this year launched by melody, mainly black and white and grey marble, black marble, white big stone, each type grey marble came out each big stone fair. Many designers have to clap, the effect of all kinds of black and white collocation show grey solid surface sheets for sale attract the attention of many designers and clients. Luxuriant decoration effect experience, perfect show of the black and white and grey marble. Black and white and grey marble what are main products; Black marble; Black and white marble, black gold, black and white roots such as black, Chinese black marble, white marble; White marble, baoxing white, Oriental white, white, xiang bai yu, Sir Dining white, gray, white, Snow White and the flowers white, gray, white, kaka lala, Yugoslavia and Greece the sky was a fish-belly grey white, crystal white, and so on the white marble, white marble railings gray Athens grey, earl grey, grey Bruce, DORA the ash cloud, Angela m limed, hermes grey, grey, Cartier, ash, romantic parker limed, Turkey, Persian, ash and so on the earl grey marble, of course; Stone fair on other species are also popular, such as landscape setting wall is such a price premium stone marble, from the perspective of the exhibition of local stone fair, across the largest number of exhibitors displaying, give priority to with white marble, white marble is still on the market is the most popular stone, is also the designer's favorite stone.
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