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Stone to do their homework before the choose and buy, knowledge - professional stone of choose and buy Stone material factory

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-07
to do their homework before the choose and buy, knowledge - professional stone of choose and buy factory carefully check the production license and quality inspection certificate, check the type of stone. Inside the bedroom metope and ground is up to the standard of class A at the same time the proportion of relatively large, stone decoration within 25 mm thickness. So I can block other highly radioactive materials ( Such as fly ash brick, slag cement products, dampproof mat layer) Launch all alpha, beta, attenuation of gamma ray energy, reduce external exposure effect to human body. At the same time also can reduce the amount of radon precipitation 222, reduce internal radiation effects on the human body. Building materials market in general, going to a formal or cattle network this kind of professional website. Be alert for some street vendors fool. Check the merchants to provide the provisions of the state, the authority of the approved inspection report, to observe the appearance of the wall mounted bar countertop material thickness more uniform surface should be smooth and bright light above 80 degrees, bearing is not less than 9 to 10 mm thick, decorative pattern to uniform design and bright color are consistent, and do not have pits; Four angles to give an accurate and clear, trimming to tidy, each orthogonal to each other closely without cracks at the same time, the internal structure.
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