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Stylish and easy-to-care one-piece washbasin recommendation-fashion, one-piece, washbasin

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-06

Since the basin and the countertop are integrally formed, the sanitary corners at the joint of the general basin are eliminated when cleaning. The washbasin cabinet can be connected below for simple storage. Compared with ordinary built-in undercounter basins, it has a simpler cleaning method and saves more space. It can be said to be the preferred item in the bathroom of young people.

Product Recommendation: Yaojie Sanitary Ware One-piece Glass Wash Basin Size: 800*550mm Basin/Counter Surface Thickness: 15% Material: Tempered Glass Product Description: Fine Choose high-quality materials, the whole line is made of high-quality stainless steel plates, and the glass basin panel material is made of 15MM deep-processed glass, with beautiful style and smooth lines. The flawless chrome plating process guarantees an unparalleled glitter on the surface of this product. Product recommendation: Shanggao ceramic basin integrated floor-standing bathroom cabinet Size: 800*530*850mm Installation method: Floor-standing Product description: The main cabinet is made of solid wood panels that have undergone advanced moisture-proof treatment, the surface is bright and white, and the touch surface is very good feel. The surface UV paint has been cured by strong ultraviolet rays, and the color is stable and long-lasting, which can effectively solve the problem of fading and color. Product recommendation: Yanmu oak panel one-piece oval bathroom cabinet Size 1000*500 Cabinet material: oak Product description: This oak bathroom cabinet is of good quality and cute and generous style. The original wood floor is naturally dry and strong, which is very suitable for a fresh and pleasant small bathroom with a natural atmosphere.

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