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by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-11
The Penn maker has an edge in his imaginative counter-design.
The inspirational motto \"If you can dream, you can do it\" on the poster looks good.
Now, in real life, Ronald peplel, with imagination, came up with amazing designs and ingenuity to implement them.
Innovation in solid surface materials brings joy.
No matter where anyone plans to use solid surface material, the foreman Peppler of The Blume solid surface product may be there.
Over the past few years, Penn manufacturers have been cutting, grinding, wiring, mittering, inlay, heating, weaving and stacking Avonite to transform solid surface materials into extraordinary KKR countertop edges
Prior to the annual kitchen and bathroom industry exhibition, his project has been a consistent winner of Avonite\'s annual edge treatment competition.
Avonite is a patent.
A porous mixture of acrylic or polyester resin and mineral filler that can be cut and formed with a woodworking tool and bent after heating.
Avonite also manufactures Soladium crystal solid surfaces with glass translucent properties and textured solids with large and clear particles.
Peppler\'s design experiments drive the limits of each type.
One of his award-winning designs (Photo A)
, Peppler used alathe/routercombat was bought in Sears months ago.
\"I don\'t know what this machine is called, and Sears is no longer available.
\"I just got it out of the basement,\" he said . \".
Peppler starts the machine manually and produces 8-
The inch rope from Lapis blue gem turns.
This pattern has a textured appearance of agate, translucent because of the clear particles in its composition.
He\'s left-and right-
Flip them manually, place them in a pre-drilled porcelain white envelope and stick the cap to the table top as if adding a handle.
The effect is amazing but please wait.
When a switch is thrown, there is a glowing light inside to make the whole KKR countertop glow.
Peppler says the labor costs of this particular advantage are high.
However, he created other more practical kitchen or bathroom designs.
For example, a inlaid mesh pin can be used as a nosing or handle (Photo B).
For this, he did 1/4-
Inch groove in two steering pins
It\'s like a piece of porcelain white, and then a five-minute Beechnut strip is inlaid in the 300F oven.
A mosaic is wound and bonded at the same time.
Then cut another groove in the opposite direction and repeat the process.
Finally, the two pins are reclined together at the center bend.
White porcelain and white porcelain are a thermoforming solid surface of inAvonite.
This material can also be lightly polished as glass to achieve the perfect effect.
Peppler called his basket.
Weaving edge processing a \"quickie \"(Photo C).
Not Labor-
Dense, these parts are processed quickly when the oven is still warm.
Five complementary colored stripes, 1/2-
1/8 inches wide-
Inch thick, woven with pins (\"ribs\")
Form a unique 4-inch-
High angle. A 4-inch-
High edge treatment with lively Southwest Air was cited as \"best color use\" and ranked top 10 in Avonite\'s design 2000 competition (Photo D).
For the depth and clarity of the color, Peppler uses crystals: Aztec Brown, Dakota rust, Brazilian blue, Perino Cape Verde Blue Pearl and black ice.
This edge treatment has a simple, flat profile and is composed of 1-inch by 1/2-inch by 1/2-
Folding pieces.
Because the color and texture pattern of the solid surface runs through the material all the time, it is quite easy to arrange a single part.
These works are seamlessly combined.
Of course, any damage to this \"blanket\" can be fixed with sandpaper.
Imaginative manufacturers like Peppler have found their own way to deal with solid surfaces, but few have broken the material on purpose.
Designed for his award-winning floral and Double Helix (Photo E)
Pink rose quartz.
Mix the powder with the glue and put it into the premix
Routing flower shapes in the white background of Venice.
Rose quartz also forms the border and turn on the top, 3/8-
Inch floating plugin.
He chose emerald gems for engraving, engraving and spiral engraving.
The spiral is turned separately and then turned together.
All of this is extraordinary creation, but the real challenge begins with the upper hand of the manufacturer\'s children.
What would be interesting to make andto see?
How about the table with a small Trojan in the corner?
Music, of course.
The child had a dream of the toy and Peppler started making it (Photo F).
He cut down three horses with a round saw and used a Dremel tool and sandpaper to give them details.
The horses are heated into radians and mounted on popular rivets to rotate around the central pillar.
The Amusic box mechanism turns the platform.
The project includes stormy gray, Beechnut and several special colors.
The judges of the Avonite 2000 contest were very satisfied with the results, and they won the first place for the carousel.
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