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Teach you to master bathroom design in ten minutes - master, bathroom design

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-07

The five elements make you proficient in bathroom design in ten minutes. In modern life, the bathroom is not only a convenient place to wash away the dirt, but also a place to adjust the body and mind, relax the nerves, and restore the omission. Therefore, it should not be ignored in terms of space layout, or the design of equipment materials, colors, lines, lighting, etc., so as to achieve better results. The material selection of the bathroom The design of the bathroom is basically based on convenience, safety, easy cleaning and beautiful appearance. Due to the heavy water vapor in the bathroom, the interior decoration materials must be mainly waterproof materials. The walls and ceilings of the bathroom occupy a large area, so materials that are both waterproof, corrosion-resistant and mildew-proof should be selected to ensure indoor hygiene. Ceramic tiles, laminates and waterproof plastic wallpaper can meet these requirements. Natural stone such as marble has a special texture, but it may not be effective in a small bathroom. In terms of flooring, natural stone is used to make floor tiles that are both impressive and durable; large tiles are easy to clean and easy to keep dry; and plastic flooring has a high practical value, and after adding studs, its anti-slip effect is more significant. At present, most families use anti-skid and wear-resistant bricks of various patterns and colors, and prepare bricks of various specifications according to the size of the space, which are roughly 300 mm × 300 mm, 200 mm × 300 mm, 200 mm × 200 mm, etc. . The walls are made of square or rectangular decorative tiles, together with waistlines, tiles, and kicking lines to increase the overall beauty. At the same time, PVC buckle wall panels can also be used, which are simple and elegant, and the lines are simple and elegant.

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