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the bathroom transcendent

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-26
One morning, when two-
When I climbed out of the shower, his tank was overturned --
, I asked my wife that she was soaking the leaking water in the shower on the felt floor and what she wanted to do for her birthday.
It was a boring conversation designed to shift attention from a moldy, depressing bathroom to a relaxed and pleasant place.
But my wife took the question very seriously and her sad answer made me understand it very quickly.
\"Do you know what I want for my birthday?
\"She said, sitting on the side of the dirty avocado --
We gave two babies a colorful Bath and they are all in college now.
I want an adult. up bathroom.
\"I was deeply impressed by her words, which could not be conveyed. A grown-up bathroom.
It\'s like a slap in the face.
I stopped my sponge and looked at our children in their 60 s.
The bathroom of the Times had a musty drywall; the dust-
Rusty ceiling fans and rust-covered metal medicine cabinets.
My eyes fell off.
I want an adult too. up bathroom.
We all want an adult.
Shall we go to the bathroom?
Brothers and Sisters, say hallelujah!
We should all have an adult.
Shall we go to the bathroom?
It\'s not where we wash our faces in a hurry, it\'s a pleasant place. A retreat.
No, it\'s a sanctuary.
According to the National Association of kitchens and bathrooms.
The average person goes to the toilet 2,500 times a year.
He or she spent about three years in the bathroom. Three years!
Think about it now, and tell me the truth, it will set you free: \"I want an adult --up bathroom.
Because once you admit the truth, you will be changed.
From your arms, all kinds of repressed desires will emerge.
It\'s like you don\'t just want a new tub.
You want a deep soaking tub. With air jets!
And constant hot water!
Enough hot water, you don\'t have to use the word \"tepid\" anymore!
You want a towel heater.
Yes, I know you will!
Keep warm with thick fluffy towels.
Towels provided by luxury resort and spa.
Where there is heated floor-yes!
You want it too!
Layer 80--no, 85! --
At 6 in the morning, when you sit on the Toto Neorest toilet with a sensor --
Automatically open to display the operating cover of the heated seat (ah! ).
We all want an adult.
Shall we go to the bathroom?
According to the National Association of kitchens and bathrooms, we did.
This means that 8 million of us changed the bathroom last year. And guess what?
According to a 2004 survey by reinventing online, compared with the value of upscale bathroom remodelling, the average $20,000 to $25,000 we spent was well worth it.
Custom shower, bidet, stone vanity, double designer sink and humidistat-included-
If the house is sold, controlling the exhaust fan will bring an average return of 86%.
So you can sit in the tub and have someone pay for it.
Brett Kurtz said it was fantastic, he was a personal trainer and was in a hurry to complete a major bathroom renovation before his wife gave birth to their third child in May
But he admits that this is not the issue he cares about most.
\"Really,\" he said, \"We did it because my wife wanted a bathroom that was both relaxing and comfortable. Like a spa.
\"The Kurtz are not alone.
Alyssa Alex, a project architect at Boffi in Los Angeles, attributed the boom in bathroom remodeling to the need for us to indulge ourselves in dealing with stress.
\"People travel a lot now, especially when they are on business trips, they live in luxury hotels and they want to have such an environment in their own homes,\" she said . \".
\"We want our bathroom to be a place away from the hustle and bustle.
We hope they can provide us with a zen environment.
\"She\'s right, we\'re right!
Or of course I do.
Until you become a convert to the bathroom like me, you realize how many things can help you achieve your goal of peace and tranquility through the power of transcendence of a new toilet.
For example: the Kohler sok bathtub not only allows you to keep your neck in a continuously heated water, but also has the option of chrome plating to relax.
The eight shades were selected to have an emotional impact on the bathroom, transmitted in turn by LED lights hidden in the inner wall of the wash basin.
What is the cost of chrome bath?
Over $8,000.
\"How far do you see the pendulum swing from a simple bathroom to a place where you can imagine anything could happen?
Albert Eli, president of West Hollywood\'s European concept bathroom.
Elihu, who has been in the business for 26 years, has asked customers to walk into his shop at Pacific Design Center to look for products they see at the spa resort.
On the day before my visit, there were two such customers: Barbara stricshan and Paul Anka.
\"They all buy new bathrooms here,\" he said . \".
But the celebrity is not the only one who wants the latest bathroom equipment, whether it\'s Seura TV mirror, it has an LCD TV that disappears into the mirror when it\'s off, or a glass sink that can be used as an aquarium (Under pop music
The soap plate used to feed the fish has been opened).
\"We don\'t just want something functional-\" says Susan Cohen --\"
Lux, who has been engaged in bathroom renovation business since 1982.
\"What we want is a fixture for interior art.
Its form and function.
Everything is beautiful.
\"As beautiful as the nearly $2,000 celadon\" art glass \"basin in ansaks, Los Angeles (
We stopped calling them sinking.
They are \"art pots\" or \"ships sink\" and they are often sitting on the counter to show you the art).
Beautiful like stainless steel
Boffi\'s steel cutting series faucets and shower units look like precision-
Cutting of aviation equipment-
Elegant and easy operation--
And it\'s easy to spend $3,000.
Plus a built-in
Shower system.
But you don\'t have to turn to Italian designers.
Or spend a lot of money)
Stylish bathroom equipment.
Delta, the largest faucet manufacturer in the United StatesS.
, Borrowed a page from the target script and hired Michael Graves to design a range of premium faucets, towel strips and soap dispensers.
Moen introduced a new style last year.
Drive line for bathroom fixtures called ShowHouse, including a high price of about $600arcing \"Asian\"-
There is an open faucet.
\"People can go to Lao or Home Depot\'s EXPO Design Center to buy a variety of luxury bathroom products,\" said Elihu . \".
\"Then you play all these shows on TV, not only showing people everything they can have in their bathroom, but also showing how to install them.
I think it really helped people put extra money into the bathroom remodel.
Eli nonsense, the biggest innovation he sees is moreFunction shower.
\"What\'s amazing these days,\" he said . \".
Like BainUltra\'s Temazkal treatment shower, inspired by the sweat bath in Mexico called temazcals, combined with drying
Thermal therapy, aromatherapy and full set
Spectrum light therapy in shower room.
You breathe a little orange.
When you sweat and open the pores to relax your muscles, lavender essence, and then hit yourself with a little full sweat --
Spectrum light therapy to combat \"morbid and seasonal depression\" before taking\"heated shower.
Or you take a steam shower in a unit that is not larger than a regular shower, which also comes with a radio or CD player and a phone.
So you can have a meeting when sweating at temperatures of 90 degrees to 125 degrees.
\"Steam shower is more popular than in-
\"There\'s a sauna at home these days,\" CohenRooks says.
Generally speaking, showers are more popular than bathtubs.
Although many homeowners install water
According to the survey, jet bathtubs aged 80 and 90 are used only four times a year on average.
Eli nonsense: \"You can\'t put things like bath salt or oil in it, they are noisy, plus you can install shower devices (like Pharo shower panel lifts) to gain more, which allows you to control the height of the shower headbody hydro-massage.
For those who still like to soak, the trend is a more gentle, quieter and hygienic jet.
\"This is a completely hygienic system,\" he said . \"
The base model of the jet bath made by BainUltra and Americh is $1,500, and the Crillon platinum bath in Americh is $6,000.
The latter includes a neck pillow, mood light, low
Water level sensor and on-line water heater.
Heal your wash basin, massage your shower and look forward to the toilet you need--
There are countless choices.
In our new growth
Bathroom, we went to the Kohler tub, double.
Head shower, limestone KKR countertop, humidistat-
Circulating hot water pump control exhaust fan (
Instant hot water in the shower! )
Mood lighting and deception on site
Cabinet with in-
So hair dryers and electric toothbrushes are always plugged into the KKR countertop.
Wife\'s favorite upgrade?
Electric heating under the custom tile floor.
She got up at 5: 30 a. m. four days a week. m.
Jogging with friends
Every Thursday, 5: 31. m.
I heard her close the bathroom door and sighed, \"Ah!
When her feet hit 80-degree floor.
Now, this is a paradise, growing-up moment.
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