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The best way to buy bathroom products! You know! -Buy bathroom, the trick

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-22

Many readers and friends are always confused about the purchase of bathroom products during decoration. They are not worried about the quality of the products, or they are worried that the prices of the products are inflated. In order to make everyone less confused when purchasing, the author specially invited Mr. Du Shaokang from the Quanzhou Home Improvement Alliance, Fujian Province, a relevant person in the industry, to provide professional answers to some of the questions that readers and friends care about. Reader: Many people feel very mysterious and unfamiliar when purchasing bathroom products, and they are often inaccurate. What is the main reason? Du Shaokang: Because sanitary ware belongs to the durable goods industry, how many times does a household need to buy sanitary ware in a lifetime? More is 7-8 times, so I usually don't pay much attention to it. Reader: Is there a clear distinction between the quality of domestic and foreign sanitary ware brands? Will the quality of foreign products be higher than that of domestic brands? Du Shaokang: After years of development in the domestic sanitary ware industry, the products have reached a relatively mature stage, and the quality indicators of many products are no longer different from those of foreign sanitary ware brands. Reader: Does the bathroom industry have high profits? Du Shaokang: Due to the serious homogeneity of sanitary ware products in China, the profit margin of my country's sanitary ware industry is not high, about 8%-25%. Sanitary ware enterprises must increase investment in product technology innovation and do a good job in after-sales service in order to increase the added value of the brand. Reader: Now there are some fake promotions that do not really benefit consumers. How can we avoid falling into such a scam? Du Shaokang: There are many brands in the sanitary ware market, good and bad. When consumers encounter promotions and choose to buy, they should have a first-hand understanding of the company, try to shop around, and beware of fake and inferior products and sales scams. It is recommended that you look for first-line brands with word-of-mouth, so that you can effectively avoid being deceived. Reader: How to ensure that the quality of the product meets the requirements when purchasing? Du Shaokang: At present, there is a lack of a relatively prestigious quality standard in the sanitary ware industry, and its low entry standard has led to many profit-seekers flocking here. Because consumers have weak ability to identify quality, it is recommended to choose companies with strong management, logistics, service, and information systems. These brand companies have won many honors in the industry in the past and have a good reputation among consumers. Reader: How many brands can provide professional bathroom solutions in the sales process? How many brands can complete after-sales service on time and with quality? Du Shaokang: Nowadays, the sanitary ware industry is mixed, and consumers' rights are often damaged. Therefore, service has become the focus of consumers when purchasing sanitary ware products. Generally speaking, brands that can provide consumers with integrated design, measurement, delivery, installation, accessories, product damage, maintenance, and maintenance services are trustworthy. These conditions are also the necessary conditions for high-end sanitary ware brands to lead the industry. In general, some reliable brands that are familiar to everyone in the industry are still quite trustworthy.

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