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The birth of white marble, is from ordinary to the amazing nirvana at a time

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-15
From ancient Greek statue of the gods, to built in the tang dynasty more than one thousand years ago the footprints of marble temple tower, white marble has always been a precious stone between east and west. Is just a wonderful combination of these three words, created a clever elegant first impression. But little is known, white marble is not really 'jade', but the transformed around was the limestone of the earth. The story behind it is, enough for thousands of years of traditional Chinese architecture aesthetic tendencies. Is the 'sweat' not 'han' to really identify white marble, the secret is hidden deep in its name. Few people can think of, the beautiful 'China white' three words, that is the result of rheological. Is sweat white jade of white marble, investigate its reason, is because the word 'sweat' represents one of the most secretive of white marble features: the real white marble, not pure white and flawless, implicit but shallow grain, like a sweaty marks. From sweat white jade to the evolution of the white marble, makes it accord with standard of white marble stone increasingly scarce, even walking in the Forbidden City, can see the white solid surface sheets railing, jinshui bridge, are rarely able to achieve the real standard. True white, shining white of white marble stone, is not only to give it an intuitive definition on color, more is in the light of the changes, the coupling and interaction of all of the seasons. White marble white must be bright enough, enough to shine, turn to the sun, can achieve the result that with Venus. This is also the only high quality white solid surface sheets, can achieve both the footprints of marble temple tower in the tang dynasty more than 1000 years ago, and after nearly 600 years of the Forbidden City palace base, railing, by color and texture, creates endless charm. Jade, white marble is the biggest reward for the stone is not jade, it was born, came from ordinary to the amazing a nirvana. When magma into large limestone rock, under the extrusion of magma, baking, calcium carbonate particles of limestone, turned into a crystal of calcite, the humble limestone becomes bright and beautiful, clear pattern of marble. has a variety of colors and textures, white marble is white marble, the crystal white, with flash crystal, yi yi is unripe brightness, be ancient architecture history rare stone treasures. In the name of the jade, stone material by name, is the biggest rewards for this abnormal beautiful marble, and a talent of white marble stone beauty again annotation. 'Perfect counterfeit' the story of the reversal who would have thought that white marble acrylic countertops is one of the main defects should be impact weapon. Observation of the ancient white marble sculpture, you will find, whether it is a lion, or at the column, no matter how beautiful, have never won't appear hollow out the grain. This is not white solid surface sheets carving master less competent people, but due to its own defects. Although the original white marble texture is relatively hard, but fragile fragile, so the white marble sculpture, had a study called 'jealousy'. For example, to carve a holding dragon crescent moon blade duke guan like, if it is wood or clay sculpture, the knife and body must be separated. If with white marble carving, the handle must be and close to the body, don't let sculpture thin white marble be a strain. As a result, the whole like a wooden stick, no cracks in the middle. Now, many businessmen on the market to make the white marble statue of stone powder pressing all use of material, or is the stone carved with a soft, pretending to be white marble. White marble stone of this kind of material did not have the Achilles' heel, so it can make the various complex hollow out modelling. But is of the gild the lily, was the most obvious flaw. When the white marble from lingnan ancient only used in the palace, the royal white marble stone, luxury is limited to a few people enjoy. Now the fake goods on the market, really high quality white marble is precious. Star river peninsula in building new promenade, in strict accordance with the highest standards, selection of the finest white marble acrylic countertops, the carving laid, and imperial kiln of the brics, the wood of teak, wang for the star river peninsula human habitation, add a wisp of antique lasting appeal. Long way from Beijing to lingnan, but material essence of Chinese traditional buildings are so clever.
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