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The development characteristic of baoxing stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-17
13 big China stone of sichuan ya 'an stone material industry in China after nearly 20 years of efforts, has completed a preliminary the stone material of modern industrial system, has formed dozens of stone material industry base, become a stone processing trade center in Asia. The thirteen large-scale, characteristic stone processing base, trade center, become the main force for the development of stone industry in our country. Ya 'an, sichuan yaan of sichuan province is located in the sichuan-tibet, sichuan and yunnan road intersection, 120 km away from chengdu, is a combination of the sichuan basin and qinghai-tibet plateau transition zone, han culture and national culture transition zone, the combination of modern central cities and primitive natural ecological transition zone, are the portal of the ancient southern silk road and the only way, as the xikang provincial capital. Sichuan ya 'an area of natural stone material resources are very abundant, is China's important natural stone material production and export base, enjoy the 'stone kingdom' the laudatory name. Ya 'an area contains a variety of stone material resources, is given priority to with red granite and marble 'shu jade', the solid surface sheets in China red, asbestos is more outstanding, the whiteness of white marble, excellent material, structure, uniform, fine processed refrigerant, bright color through people. , ya 'an area comprises eight counties and one city of sichuan six counties produce high quality red granite acrylic countertops, from north to south to baoxing, forth, TianQuan, hanyuan, Xing, asbestos, has found that red granite variety. Such as forth taiping township polishing plate color such as steroids 'China red'; TianQuan purple acrylic countertops clearance, the states of bright red meat 'TianQuan red'; Xing by triad, new temple township of elegant tone 'triad red', 'the new temple red', 'red Asia, '; The color of the asbestos feng le bordeaux, tonal gorgeous 'asbestos red'. These red granite stone material with superior quality, good performance, and special aesthetic feeling and renowned Chinese and foreign. Utilization of granite ya 'an area can be divided into red, green, black, etc. Series of dozens of varieties, geological total reserves of about 5 billion cubic meters, has the following three series of high-grade solid surface. It is worth noting that in ya 'an district red solid surface stone has the miniature design of grain chicken feet, become our country produces the unique phenomenon of stone. Giant stone is higher than ordinary stones, basically has the following several reasons: 1, the resources are scarce. Due to domestic bright red, deep red stone alone ( Sichuan nanjiang taoyuan red is not a batch has been dried up) , the resources scarce; More than 2, mine is located in the mountains, deep canyons, drilling is difficult and high cost of transportation; More than 3, giant acrylic countertops crack, block shape is irregular, yield is low; 4, high hardness, giant stone is China the stone material of high hardness, cause manufacturing cost is higher than other stone a lot. Giant stone block, block saw cutting processing costs are much higher than other domestic stone material, waste expect wool plate yield, cutting yield is much lower than other domestic stone material, so the total cost high. Treasure ltd. is located in western sichuan, north of yaan. Baoxing solid surface sheets famous brand 'baoxing white', 'blue and white', 'blue and white ash', 'Oriental white', and so on, the solid surface top grade 'green China', 'baoxing smoky quartz', 'cauliflower yellow', 'emerald', etc. Rare stone material of more than 30 kinds of varieties, the total reserves of more than 3 billion cubic meters, notably the 'baoxing white marble is more famous,' the world acclaimed: 'day 1 white', there are large reserves, high purity, excellent quality, good whiteness, easy mining, the characteristics of authority as: 'is a rare high-quality marble mines, is a highly developed industrial calcium carbonate raw material base of value'. Baoxing stone sculpture, board processing, can produce a series of products of calcium carbonate, comprehensive development, flexibility to quickly adapt to the market. ( - - - - Oriental white)
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