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The eastern white stone how many stains cleaning

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-22
The eastern white stone how many stains cleaning? According to the different situation has different ways of cleaning, and then use different methods to deal with, eastern white stone are natural stone, the following is divided into several ways for processing analysis: first, the bathroom Oriental white ceramic tile is in use process middling become loose, fall off wait for a problem, because the current ceramic tile paste the bonding cement mortar is spent insufficient, and in damp environment for a long time, so it is easy to loose and fall off. Have a method, use colophony binder stickup ceramic tile, intensity can be achieved not only or exceed the noumenon intensity of ceramic tile, and be in damp environment for a long term to also won't be caused fall off. The ceramic tile between bath to often be waited to profane by fat, scale, soap scum, do not damage again to maintain porcelain face cleanness porcelain face bright, can use muti_function bathroom clean. As to place of ceramic tile aperture, can dip in with the brush first a few acidic cleaner to remove dirt, brush a waterproof agent in aperture place again can, and can prevent ooze not only so that water can prevent mould to grow. Dairy products ( Milk, cream, butter, etc. ) Contain animal fats, such pollution is not only long period of time can cause yellowing of stone material surface, but also corrupt stunk. So this type of pollution is also should be immediately wipe, if has stone yellowing phenomenon, can first stone material surface cleaning, use a neutral detergent after use in addition to the cleaning agent ( As well as ink pollution cleanup methods of a class) 。 At present due to the popularity of cosmetic, also appeared a lot of cosmetics pollution situation, especially oily masked category ( Such as lipstick, nail polish, etc. ) For oil, the composition of these pollutants in general, dye and wax, if the contamination to the stone material is also very difficult to clean up. If you home decorative stone surface appeared a lipstick, nail polish pollutants such as, you can hang with a sharp blade to first contaminants on the surface of the stone, then using acetone class detergent to wipe clean the surface of the stone. Purification of fruit is the most rare acrylic countertops in the daily household life of purification, another kind is the oil type. Of fruit juice stains color not only, and fruit juice contains pigment, if long time don't eliminate, will form the yellow stone appearance. Is acid content and a lot of fruit, for example, orange juice, lemon, star fruit, oranges, grapes, apples, etc. , so the purification of the juices and is not only purify the appearance of stone material, at the same time it also corrosion of stone material appearance, even through the stone of the pores in stone external corrosion, special is on the solid surface sheets, limestone and form appearance of stone material is coarse. So stone by juice purification, liquidation shall be immediately, if have already dyed or form yellow can clean with neutral clean agent. If yellowing major also wash not to drop, can take in addition to the agent to the liquidation. If the appearance of acrylic countertops material has been corrosion, lose luster, can use polishing powder, polishing again; If damage major should please rich sea stone care professionals for polishing solution. Usually some kind of glue pollution, if it is a water-based glue, clean with conventional washing liquid can be. If it is some of the epoxy resin adhesive, solid surface sheets glue, AB glue, instant glue and other pollution because of surface hardening, you can use a sharp blade shave their, can use wax removal agent to remove residual part.
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