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The little-known marble secret

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-05
The very nature of the marble as has been widely applied to various industries, it brilliantly combining with fashion design feeling, can not only embodies the beauty of nature product of dripping wet is delicate, acute human mind also, each place fine marble, is a combination of nature and human wisdom! The adornment of a house, every corner play a key role, from every inch of the building to every corner of the converted all crucial! The solid surface sheets for sale of beautiful and practical with early perfect construction is inseparable. Decoration construction crews need to combine the design drawing before finishing blanking for the scene of the actual size lofting work, stone processing factory technical staff to assist in the process of lofting construction group, talk things over solve, together with the measurements of lofting method on the basis of surveying and mapping finishing drawings, before a formal process also need to check with construction group in the field, be sure. Lofting staff have also request is higher, the condition of not only needs of stone processing technology and mechanical drawing quite a degree of understanding, also has the rich stone material installation practice experience. But also for stone decoration design have a certain degree of understanding or design ability, can put forward some creative reasonable help to production and processing and some Suggestions for the construction site. Decorative construction should be clear before stone installation plan; Dry hanging wall of stone material way and the wet stick decided the finished surface size, also determines the finished surface of the ground line; According to the civil engineering foundation stone and construction details will be sent out after installation finished surface. floor and metope need to combine the lofting, general first put metope, put on the ground; In order to ensure the adornment effect, want to use the best materials, lofting and layout also to do the best effect. Installation method has two kinds of hang hang wet and dry. Hang wet can save a space, also save construction cost, small engineering with wet hang more commonly; Dry hanging is occupy a space, higher cost, but adornment effect is guaranteed. Is located in China of coarse whiting hezhou guangxi ping industrial zone has the advanced production equipment and professional design service team, set Bai Tianran solid surface sheets for sale processing, design, marketing into an organic whole, 18 kinds of technology can meet the demand of the full range of users in the field of decoration. Stone is the first choice for many high-end places.
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