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The loose environment prompted the stone stone industry rapid development, investigate its reason, but the main reason lies in the reform and opening up to build stone industry the development of democracy, freedom and loose environment market freedom, br

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-19
80 年代改革初期, 中国的石材产能、 产量与5 0年代几乎相等, 然而石材需求却与80年代其他行业处于统一水平, 市场遍布全国各地, 为石材产品提供了广泛、 自由的发展空间缺少相关法规、 尺度限制'石材行业发展没有法律、法规限定, 发展范围广泛、分散, 仅对石材机械合用一般性机械行业尺度, 对石材产品及其应用几乎没有任何法律法规、尺度、规范的约束, 而其他行业在原有苏联经济模式下照搬了各种划定、规范和限制, 石材行业在没有尺度的发展环境下是相对民主、 自由、 宽松的价格空间巨大' 因为石材产品没有尺度, 需求方对石材出产更不了解, 供需双方价格信息极分歧错误称, 市场供不应求, 石材的价格自由度高, 利润空间巨大产品贴近市场, 销售渠道直接'很多产品例如药品、 汽车、 陶瓷等商品的销售, 从厂家要经由省、 市、 县几级代办代理商才能到达客户, 销售渠道环节多, 各种限制多'而石材产品销售渠道直接、 民主自由, 没有任何中间环节, 只有供需双方主政府只有鼓励, 没有干涉干与'石材行业发展初期, 安全、 环保等题目并不显著, 政府坚持'发展就是硬道理0 理念, 鼓励石材企业的设立, 进人石材行业几乎没有门槛, 几片瓦砾、几间工棚支上一两台锯就可以开个石材加工厂'自80 年代到上世纪末, 全国石材厂由一百余家迅速攀升到几万家, 到'十一五期间发展到近十万家'期间, 个别地方政府, 因为承受了安全、 环保方面的压力, 开始对石材行业的发展进行行政干涉干与, 大多数石材工业地政府对石材行业实行了边整顿、 边发展的民主、 自由、 宽松政策协会代表企业, 维护企业'国家、 省及地方石材协会接踵成立, 晋升了企业获守信息、 资源、 市场的能力和企业自我维护的能力, 企业发展的自由度得到加强'首先, 协会不干涉干与石材企业的出产, 不干涉干与石材市场的运行, 而是站在企业的态度上维护企业利益, 匡助企业开拓市场、 调整结构、 晋升技术, 并且通过凝结企业施展行业影响力, 代表企业对政府某些不公道、 危害行业发展的行政法规、 政策提出建议, 改善石材行业的生存发展环境上述6条是中国石材行业近30 年所处的真实发展环境) Democracy, freedom, and loose, the environment of the inspired prophets of stone industry entrepreneurial zeal, started the primitive accumulation of capital they borrow boat of state-owned enterprises, in the sea of stone market, big bumper harvest and start building our own private enterprises; With enterprise scale and the number of increasing, gradually developed fully market-oriented mechanism of stone industry, the birth of the mechanism of the main forces and the real estate industry, for less money, poor sales channels of a large number of private enterprises provides a rich opportunity, push the stone industry in nearly 30 years rapid expansion there is almost no limit of environment and development until today will become the world's largest stone material industry; At the same time, fully market-oriented mechanism for large-scale stone material enterprise low capital transformation providing opportunities for real estate, finance and other high-end industry, capital investment for purchase of real estate, construction companies to cut stone enterprises provides a convenient; And because of land footprint big wall mounted bar countertop enterprises, mines, block the value ability strong, free and low capital in and out of the stone industry, stone industry has become a lot of investment platform to private financial institutions' as a monitoring supervision responsibility of local government in the absence of national relevant laws, regulations and policies in detail on the stone industry to provide G D P and taxes, implemented 'water fish 0 encouragement policy, directly or indirectly promote the prosperity of the stone industry
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