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The marble table, ok? The marble table and analysis

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-31
In numerous material table, marble table is a kind of unique, itself has the smooth texture gives its special adornment effect. So the marble table, ok? Small make up for everyone to look at the next. 1, the wear resistance of solid surface sheets for sale is a kind of very special material of wood for making furniture, possesses the advantages of don't have a lot of materials. One of the most significant is high hardness, so wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance, long service life compared to other materials, usually it is convenient to maintain. 2, have qualitative feeling looks very bright and clean surface, modelling is infected with dirt rarely, even if contamination is easy to erase, even sharp objects are hard to trace on the surface. Compared with the wooden table, marble table don't be afraid of water, humidity, will not be affected by the moisture. 3, bad oil removal is well known, marble surface is smooth, don't have to worry about dirt, oil are attached to the marble but can be hard to clean up, can give the marble brush varnish is ok again.
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