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The secrets of clever use of bathroom accessories-bathroom accessories, bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-26

Everyone's understanding of home is different. How can we use limited funds to decorate a more perfect home? When it comes to home renovations, many homeowners are concerned about the cost of renovations. Therefore, before the decoration, we must plan well, only good planning can reduce the cost. Here, the editor of the life home specially integrates the warmer home improvement information for you this winter, so that you can dress up a more beautiful home! In the decoration of the bathroom, in addition to the treatment of the bathtub, washbasin, toilet and wall and floor, it is necessary to be good at using small bathroom accessories to describe the bathroom as a mood picture that suits your style. Nowadays, bathroom thinking is becoming more and more humanized, which is a blend of physiological and cultural factors. Enjoying the bathroom has become a fashion. In the decoration of bathroom space, in addition to the treatment of bathtubs, washbasins, toilets, walls and floors, it is also necessary to be good at using small bathroom accessories to describe the bathroom as a mood picture that suits your style. The mirror is an indispensable accessory in the bathroom. The fashionable, clear and bright bathroom mirror makes people feel comfortable applying yellow to the mirror. Unlike in the past, when people went to the glass shop to cut a mirror and put it on, today, a seemingly simple mirror has many brands. When buying a mirror, you should observe its quality from the front, side and back. When a person looks at a mirror, he usually only pays attention to his own image in the mirror, and does not pay attention to the linear objects in the distance behind the mirror image in the mirror. When you move your gaze slightly, if the straight object is not bent and deformed, this is a good quality mirror. Bathroom mirrors are mainly divided into ordinary mirrors and anti-fog mirrors. Anti-fog mirrors are further divided into coated anti-fog mirrors and electric heating anti-fog mirrors. The former prevents the form of the fog layer through the coating micropores; the latter increases the humidity of the mirror surface through electric heating, and the fog evaporates quickly, so that the fog layer cannot be formed. There are inevitably many bottles and jars in the bathroom, a lot of dry and wet towels, a change of clothes, etc. To find a home for these things, the storage space of the bathroom must be carefully considered. A major principle of bathroom storage is the combination of open and closed. For some beautiful perfume bottles, body lotions, etc., you can put them on the storage shelf in the bathroom as display products; and some personal items with high privacy, such as general toilet utensils and spare hygiene products, just Can be stored in a cabinet. Before renovating your bathroom, take your storage needs into consideration. Having enough storage space will make life easier and more convenient. The matching towel bar, toothbrush holder, mouthwash cup, and soap box can help you arrange the countertop in an orderly manner; delicate toilet brushes and storage buckets may become the scenery in the bathroom space. The selection of bath mats and foot mats should not be ignored. They can not only play a non-slip effect, but also allow bare feet to enjoy warm, soft and considerate. The choice of towels, bath brushes, bath wipes, and hairbrushes cannot be ignored.

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