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The selection and maintenance of marble sill plate

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-31
Decorative window materials choice has a lot of, but most end up choosing to use marble, marble sill plate has irreplaceable advantages. Decorative window materials choice has a lot of, but most end up choosing to use marble, solid surface sheets for sale sill plate has irreplaceable advantages. Window choose white solid surface sheets for sale, marble cheap and beautiful, manufacturers selling custom. White solid surface sheets for sale strong, durable, long service life. Moreover, natural grain giving it a unique decorative effect; Not afraid of sun, occasionally rain a little rain in also has nothing to do; Moistureproof performance is good. Most of the floating window is used for storage, receive the majority of the cabinet design, top with marble mesa, a high standard of appearance and very practical. wave installation maintenance window first, of course, some preparation work. Some marble stone is loose, so the marble to well check marble beneath, crack phenomenon. The second is the window cleaning. Clean, cannot have big granule gravel, so as not to knock against bad when a big stone. sill have 3 cm brim, brim to extend the both sides, about 10 cm. For marble security, opened on the wall of the tank, to install, will it along the recessed into the cap, with cement mortar to fill again. Install master measure good measure, on the marble stone, cutting. This is a purely technical, test how master craftsmanship. When cutting should pay attention to the following pad is wood, to cushion, home is warm must pay attention to the cutting machine can not cut to the ground. Cut well, jiuqu eighteen curved cut off or so complete a master of the craft is needless to say. With windowsill sprinkle a little water and cement mortar.
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