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The weather is getting cold, the baby bath is on fire - the weather is getting cold, babies, bathing

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-08

In recent years, baby bath shops have quietly appeared on the streets and are very popular among parents. As the weather turns colder, some young parents will take their children to the baby bath for a bath. On the afternoon of the 27th, the reporter walked into the cute and lovely mother and baby store located on Hualou Street in the urban area, and found that the first floor was a sales area for baby products, and the second floor was a bathroom for infants and young children. The bathroom area is about 15 square meters, with 2 small baths, 2 small swimming pools, a massage bed, and a disinfection cabinet for storing bath towels. The store owner Hong Mei said that the store is equipped with heating equipment such as air conditioners and heaters, and the indoor temperature is kept above 30 °C. After the weather gets cold, parents are afraid that their children will catch a cold in the bath at home, so many people bring their children to the store to bathe, an average of more than 10 per day. During the interview, Ms. Xu happened to bring her 6-month-old daughter to take a bath. She told the reporter that she was afraid to bathe her child when the weather was cold. Although there was an air-conditioned Yuba at home, she was still worried that her child would catch a cold. It is very good to have such a professional bath shop now, and the price of 20 yuan is acceptable. Mrs. Liu, who accompanied Ms. Xu, said that when they brought their children in the early years, they did not dare to bathe the children in winter because they were afraid of catching a cold. They often wiped the children's bodies with hot towels, which were not clean at all. The pediatrician of the Municipal People's Hospital reminded that in general, in the autumn and winter seasons, it is enough for the baby to take a bath once or twice a week. If you take your child to a bath shop for infants and young children to wash, you should choose a bath shop with good sanitary conditions and business qualifications.

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