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There are secrets to the installation of the washbasin - washbasin, installation skills

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-09

The basin is favored by many consumers because of its beautiful appearance, small footprint and strong decoration. As one of the three traditional bathroom products, consumers should not only pay attention to style and quality when choosing, but also have some tips for installation.

It is better to reserve sockets near the basin. Even if the original design is in place, it is inevitable that there will be some omissions, so it is reminded to install sockets near the basin, so that the charging problem of small bathroom appliances such as hair dryers, rechargeable shavers, and even small water heaters can be easily solved. In addition, it is better to be optimistic about the opening of the basin body in advance when purchasing, and if conditions permit, try to avoid re-opening at the construction site. Generally speaking, the opening of the undercounter basin is better in the factory than in the field, and the on-site grinding takes time and the effect is not necessarily good. If you really need to open holes, you must pay attention to the pre-opening position to ensure accurate. Many people think that undercounter basins are more delicate, beautiful, and easier to clean than overcounter basins. However, you must pay attention to the under-counter basin, because considering the thickness of the basin edge, the mouth should be as long as possible to ensure normal use. At the same time, when installing the bathroom basin, pay attention to the moderate height, which should meet the height requirements and usage habits of the family. Finally, pay attention to the position of the water supply and drainage pipes during installation. If the position is not right, a lot of pipes will be connected at that time, which is time-consuming, expensive, and ugly. Therefore, when purchasing these products, if you don’t understand them very well, it is better to ask carefully. Some beautiful accessories may not be installed in your own home, so you must understand them in advance.

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