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There should be room for wheelchairs in the bathroom of the elderly apartment-senior apartment, toilet, wheelchair

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-04

As an early demonstration apartment for the elderly in Shijiazhuang, it has attracted a lot of attention since its construction last year. It can solve 600 elderly beds in Shijiazhuang at one time. At present, the three apartment buildings have been largely capped. Yesterday, the reporter came to the construction site of the apartment for the elderly under construction, and found that each room in the demonstration apartment for the elderly has a separate toilet and balcony, and each building has an elevator. Very good, the elderly will feel airy and bright when they live in it. In addition, whether it is public space or the living room and bathroom of the elderly, all are barrier-free and user-friendly design. For example, the elevator in the apartment can go up to the room of the elderly, and down to the underground garage. The elevator space is large enough, just like a barrier-free medical elevator, which can easily get in and out of stretchers and wheelchairs, and it is also very convenient for the elderly with physical disabilities to ride. The bathroom in the apartment, the toilet and the installation design of the bathroom equipment are all humanized. The bathroom is not only non-slip on the ground, but also large enough to accommodate a wheelchair, which makes it very convenient for elderly people in wheelchairs to use it. In the future, if there are more apartments for the elderly to be built, the operation should be compared to the Shijiazhuang demonstration apartment for the elderly. The staff of the Shi Civil Affairs Bureau said.

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