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Things you have to pay attention to when buying bathroom cabinets-Bathroom Cabinets, Bonnie Tuomei

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-23

Because the bathroom cabinet can store some daily cosmetics, washing supplies and utensils well, it can not only protect them but also make the whole bathroom beautiful and tidy, so it plays a pivotal role in our bathroom. Today, let everyone know some precautions for purchasing and installing bathroom cabinets, so that you can rely on evidence, avoid detours, and may save you a lot of 'money'. Pick three: 1. Pay attention to the structure. Bathroom cabinets are generally divided into two categories: floor-standing and wall-mounted. The wall-mounted type, as the name suggests, is the main cabinet or the mirror hanging on the wall, also called the split type, which is very easy to distinguish. And the floor type is all standing on the ground. There is not much difference in the use of these two functions, but the floor type can be moved at will, which will be slightly more convenient. 2. Pay attention to the material, the bathroom cabinet materials include PVC, stainless steel and solid wood. Among them, the price of PVC bathroom cabinets is generally very cheap, but the bathroom cabinets made of PVC have very good waterproofness, so many people still prefer to choose this material. The main part of the solid wood bathroom cabinet is generally solid wood. Because the water resistance of wood is poor, about ten layers of paint are generally painted on the surface of the solid wood cabinet, which can effectively reduce its water absorption rate. Stainless steel bathroom cabinets are both waterproof, durable, and lightweight, so they are loved by consumers. 3. Pay attention to the price. If you are more sensitive to price, you can choose PVC or stainless steel bathroom cabinets, while friends who are pursuing grades can choose solid wood bathroom cabinets. However, when choosing a solid wood bathroom cabinet, you should carefully observe whether there are cracks, and smell whether there is any odor. The bathroom cabinet should not only be well selected, but also installed well! When installing a wall-mounted bathroom cabinet, you should choose a load-bearing wall to hang it. The floor-standing bathroom cabinet should be installed as far as possible to the outside, and the four cabinet feet should be kept stable when placing it to ensure the balance of the cabinet body. After installation, check whether the mirror is correct. If there is paint falling off the cabinet, it must be dealt with and adjusted in time. The above is a little suggestion for purchase and installation, I hope it can help you. Bonnie Tuomei's growth events: In 2005, it created a precedent for stainless steel bathroom cabinet materials in China; in 2006, the country's leading homes used 304# stainless steel plates; in 2007, stainless steel white wire drawing and black wire drawing series were sought after; in 2008, the brand was positioned as a Chinese stainless steel bathroom Cabinet brand, precipitation market, pay close attention to quality! In 2009, the trend of colored stainless steel bathroom cabinets was opened; in 2010, the European bathroom cabinet style was developed; to meet consumers with different consumption levels and hobbies; in 2011, it broke the limitations of traditional stainless steel color plates and classified stainless steel as the original ecological stainless steel bathroom cabinets. And color vision extends stainless steel bathroom cabinet; In 2012, it broke the limitations of stainless steel styles, made full use of the flexibility of steel, and created a national 'radian space' series of products.

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