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Three elements of bathroom accessories purchase-bathroom accessories, purchase

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-10

Today's bathroom accessories include mirrors, soap bars, towel bars, towel holders, roll holders, coat hooks, and more. When purchasing high-quality and durable bathroom hardware accessories, you should not only pay attention to the brand, but also pay attention to the matching, material and coating. A look at the matching The three major sanitary wares occupy a large position in the bathroom, so sanitary ware cannot be matched with hardware accessories, but hardware accessories must be matched with sanitary ware. When purchasing bathroom hardware accessories, be sure to consider whether these accessories match the purchased sanitary ware. There are all kinds of hardware accessories on the market now. Consumers should pay attention to whether the color, material and model conform to the overall decoration style of the bathroom when choosing. It will look awkward in the bathroom. Second, look at the material The materials of bathroom hardware accessories on the market are as follows: titanium alloy, copper chrome, stainless steel chrome plating, aluminum alloy chrome plating, iron chrome plating and plastic, etc. Among these materials, the quality of titanium alloy hardware accessories is better. , The quality of plastic products is poor, pure copper chrome-plated products can prevent oxidation and rarely fade; stainless steel chrome-plated is cheap, but the use time is relatively short. Although hardware accessories are small things, consumers still need to pay attention to choosing good quality products, otherwise the accessories will be replaced every once in a while. Three look at the coating Coating treatment is very important for hardware pendants, it is related to product service life, smoothness, wear resistance. Good coatings are jet black and shiny with a lustrous feel, while poor coatings are dull and dull. A good coating is very flat, while a poor coating will have wavy undulations on the surface if you look closely. In addition, those with dents and scratches on the surface are definitely inferior products.

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