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Treasure xingxian make white marble stone trading centre in western China

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-18
Baoxing xingxian released treasure xingxian industrial clusters development planning. According to the plan, strive to in 2020, treasure xingxian white solid surface sheets characteristic industry base enterprises above designated size 45, including 20 hundreds of millions of yuan enterprises, export enterprises of 28. In the end, will treasure to build into a white solid surface sheets stone trading centre in western China, achieve billions industry. Treasure xingxian is the 'Chinese folk acrylic countertops carving art of the township', the county has been found and the use of the acrylic countertops material of more than 30 varieties, including white marble acrylic countertops, the most famous for the world to know. Relevant industries of industrial output value accounted for over sixty percent of the county, throughout the year. To achieve the goal, the next four years, baoxing production seriation, standardization, will insist on mining park resources use cycle, the internationalization of market development 'four modernizations' linkage. According to introducing, the county to county and marble quarries for standardization construction, blasting mining shall be strictly forbidden, and timely recovery of surface vegetation, the comprehensive utilization of waste material, realizing green production and production cycle.
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