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Treasure xingxian Oriental white stone that good?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-18
The good treasure xingxian Oriental white solid surface sheets? Baoxing marble famous brand 'Oriental white', 'baoxing white', 'blue and white', 'blue and white ash', etc. , the solid surface top grade 'green China', 'baoxing smoky quartz', 'cauliflower yellow', 'emerald', etc. Rare stone material of more than 30 kinds of varieties, the total reserves of more than 3 billion cubic meters, especially in the most famous 'baoxing white marble, hailed as the world:' the day the first white '. [ 1] With large reserves, high purity, excellent quality, good whiteness, accessible features. Baoxing acrylic countertops sculpture, board processing, can produce a series of products of calcium carbonate, comprehensive development, flexibility to quickly adapt to the market. Baoxing and gypsum and potassium ore, coal, gold, antimony, gold, copper and nickel ore, manganese ore, jade ore and other mineral resources, and there are large reserves and development value. The potassium ore, manganese ore deposits belong to medium-sized above, gypsum mine is a large mineral deposits. Xingxian shunyuan treasure is a collection of mining, marble plate production and processing, stone products production and sales for the integration of comprehensive stone material enterprise. Companies rely on east white ( Snow White) Royal, kangba jade, white jade, violet Luo Yu, dream, gold, jade, jade, white solid surface sheets stone varieties as material resources, etc. Company strength from years of technical support, solid industry practice and experience, can undertake all kinds of solid surface sheets sculpture, eastern white acrylic countertops and large sculpture project, expand the development of hundreds of millions of cubic meters of marble mining rights.
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