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under counter wine fridge: integrated wine cooler

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-25
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Under the counter wine refrigerator: integrated wine cooler: You prefer to drink a bottle of wine occasionally, you are looking for a great way to increase your collection and add space to your regular refrigerator, you should consider installing a wine fridge under the counter so that you can really improve the look and modernization of your kitchen.
These integrated wine coolers are the perfect choice to store a ton of wine bottles neatly and safely, and look great!
This article will discuss in your project, you can expect to install a wine refrigerator under the counter at home and discuss all the problems you may have.
We will discuss the different types, styles and models of wine refrigerators and coolers under the counter to show you some options.
We will discuss the price and your expectations for a finished work unit.
Pros: If you want to know what the point is with the wine fridge under the counter at home, you\'re not crazy.
Yes, the wine can be stored in many different places, and the home refrigerator can keep the drinks you like cool and ready to drink at any time.
But there are some obvious advantages under the counter wine cooler, which makes many people feel worth it.
Credit: wine refrigerator at the counter is a great choice for storing items.
If you are the kind of person who likes to have a lot of wine options at hand on a variety of occasions, you will know that storing them safely and efficiently can be a problem.
An integrated wine fridge puts your bottle in a compact, safe, neat and convenient place: usually your kitchen!
When the mood to open the selection of wines hits, you just take a few steps from the restaurant.
Wine temperature: your home refrigerator works day and night to keep the food cool, but it\'s not a dedicated unit.
It keeps the ideal temperature for most foods.
In fact, this is usually either too cold or too hot for most wines.
The wine refrigerator under the counter is specially designed to keep the wine at the best temperature.
Not only does this save the bottle better, it also ensures that the taste and bouquet of the bottle will show the greatest advantage when you open it and enjoy it.
Style: most wine refrigerators under the counter are attractive.
Regardless of size or special application, they will really improve the appearance of the kitchen space.
Most have glass doors so you can enjoy the bottles inside.
You can buy them in various colors and the most popular ones are stainless steel, black and white (
Matches most kitchen color schemes).
For modern families, an integrated wine cooler takes it to a new level.
Installation: under the preparation of the counter wine cabinet, in order to install the counter wine cabinet, you need to prepare to do some work.
Installing them is similar to installing a dishwasher, though a bit easy.
You\'ll need to do some precise measurements with the refrigerator of your choice and make sure it fits well under the counter you think.
Many wine refrigerators under the counter have adjustable feet, so you can raise or lower the height slightly.
Of course, the width cannot be changed, so be as precise as possible.
The best way to install is to remove the existing cabinets and racks from the location and place the integrated wine cooler in place.
You need to make sure there is a way to connect the power cord to the socket.
Most of them run out of standard power plugs.
To make it look smooth and finished, you don\'t want to have too much space to show between the unit and the walls on both sides and the KKR countertop above.
Many beverage coolers under the counter are equipped with cover plates to hide any large clearance in smooth stainless steel.
Price: what to expect: there are so many different shapes, sizes and quality levels when gathered under the counter wine cabinet, so we can\'t summarize the price tags they involve.
It usually rises depending on how many bottles you want to hold.
For example, a very small 9-bottle unit costs only a few hundred dollars.
40 bottles, 60 bottles and 80 bottles are larger.
You will pay an extra fee for quality fit and completion.
Some devices have digital display with temperature and remote control, which will also increase the price.
For a decent size under the counter wine refrigerator, you can pay about $1000 in addition to the installation cost.
If you are convenient, you can install it yourself, otherwise you will need to pay a handiman for any modifications needed to install it.
Once in place, the wine cooler under the counter will run quietly and effectively for many years.
Because they don\'t see as many on and off as the home refrigerator, the electricity bill should be quite reasonable for these appliances. Good Luck!
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