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Use in what aspects about natural stone decoration

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-10
Natural stone material belong to high-end architectural decoration materials, the use of site there are office buildings, hotels, hotels, schools, water, buildings, villas and other building inside and outside the frame, the biggest decorative characteristics of natural stone material is scene beautiful decoration and long service life. Natural stone material using scene; 1, stone walls; Wall decorative stone share wall and exterior, board face specifications diversification, interior wall with marble, wall mounted bar countertop wall is decorated with mushroom stone, wall stone, culture stone, marble, sandstone, etc. 2, floor stone; Indoor mainly adopts marble, including outdoor parks, sidewalks, parking lots, outdoor use solid surface stone is in the majority. 3, decorative stone; Such as murals, Mosaic, wall hangings, TuAnShi, culture stone, all kinds of stone processing cylindrical, square column, line stone, window, stair stone, railings, door cover, the stone that take the door, etc. Use white marble, white marble, the solid surface color more. Use the stone,, life; furniture, bathroom, desktop, kitchen quartz marble or marble, marble corridor marble or solid surface. 5, art stone; Setting wall, carving crafts, stone, solid surface sheets for sale stone memorial arch, celebrity statues, animals and birds, etc. 6, landscaping stone; Used in the road, park, garden, kerbstone, spelling a marble, wall mounted bar countertop flower pot, stone desk, stone, etc. 7, electrical stone; General is the base of lamps and lanterns, switch board. Professional mining white marble natural marble manufacturer, the company set mining, cutting and processing of marble assembly line production factory, marble from the product contains various scenarios.
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