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User Help: Process for Properly Ordering Valves - Proper Ordering, Valve Process

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-05

Due to the wide range of applications of valves, different working conditions will have different requirements for valves. In order to speed up the efficiency of inquiry and avoid unnecessary repetitions and disputes, Hongfeng Valve Network recommends that customers can Make a clear description of the valve you want to buy. The following is the valve ordering description suggested by the valve network: 1. The nominal diameter of the pipe connected to the valve. 2. The operating conditions of the valve, the installation environment, the fluid medium, the temperature range and pressure range of the medium. Pressure-Temperature Ratings To meet actual needs, pay special attention to the pressure-temperature ratings of the desired valve. Pay particular attention to seal and gasket materials, which largely determine the pressure-temperature rating of the valve. According to the actual needs of sealing materials and precipitation materials, to meet or better than the actual needs. 3. Type of valve gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, regulating valve, etc. 4. If the connection method of the valve is welding, the wall thickness of the connecting pipeline should also be provided; if the connection method is method flange, the flange type shall be provided. The integrity of the pipeline system, future routine maintenance, anti-corrosion factors, on-site assembly, weight and safety and other factors are all factors that should be considered when determining the way the valve is connected to the pipeline. 5. The material of the valve The material of the valve body, and the material requirements that are different from the standard configuration. 6. Transmission mode of the valve 7. Specification and model of the valve 8. Other accessories Acid-proof protective layer, locking device, bypass valve, etc. 9. Other requirements

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