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Variety of proposals for small bathrooms

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-26

Maybe your bathroom is neat, but is the expression of the space too blank? Many people want to make small-sized bathrooms stylish, but they don't know what to do? In addition to working hard on the layout, is there any other easy way to replace it? From the selection of ceramic tiles to sanitary ware, from bathroom cabinets to the matching of small accessories, what I share with you in this issue is the ever-changing proposals for small-sized bathrooms to teach you fresh upgrades. The bathroom is a regular rectangle, and the shower area is designed in the position closer to the window. Here, the height of the platform is increased to separate it from the outside wash area. Small square tiles in neutral colors are stylish and generous, and lamps are installed in the niche above the basin to provide convenient storage. The green space tone with white sanitary ware is a perfect environment for people to enjoy the sense of one body, and planting green plants in the bathroom is a better way to create a natural style. Beige is used as the keynote of the bathroom space, and brown wooden furniture is used as the embellishment; the large windows bring in the outdoor light, which effectively improves the brightness of the space. The solid wood pier is used as a side table, which increases the naturalism in the bathroom. For small bathrooms, setting up a shower is a more space-saving method, so that more space can be reserved for storage. This bathroom is located in the shower area. The bathroom cabinet is built with water downpipes to store a large number of sundries in the bathroom. The overall layout is simple but full of individual characteristics. The black and white tiles of different specifications enrich the visual changes of the bathroom. A transparent glass partition separates the shower area from the shower area, ensuring the overall lighting of the bathroom. The mixed application of large beige tiles and multi-color mosaics makes the space appear calm and not rigid. Large bathroom cabinets (decoration renderings) make the bathroom look neat and clean, and effectively improve the quality of life. The rational use of space and the storage of bathroom supplies are very important for small bathrooms. Although this bathroom is small, it is compactly designed with a single bathtub and a simple shower area, allowing you to experience different bathing pleasures. In order to distinguish each functional area in the bathroom, a curved partition wall is designed in the space to divide the shower room. The blue mosaic is used as a decorative material to form a color contrast with the white space tone, which not only meets the actual needs of use, but also adds a cool feeling to the bathroom. The whole bathroom adopts an open form, and there is no obvious partition for functional division. Beige decorative materials are used on the bathroom walls and floors to maintain the purity of the space color. The swaying green plants outside the window make people feel relaxed and comfortable while bathing. A double basin is still plugged on one side of the small bathroom, which ensures that two people can use it at the same time in the morning. Under the washbasin, a dark solid wood bathroom cabinet is used, which has simple lines and is very harmonious with the overall space.

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