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vodafone receptionist claims she was forced to work under falling maggots

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-13
A former receptionist at Vodafone said she felt bullied and worked under a vent in the company\'s reception area for two days, where maggots fell from the ceiling.
But the company said it moved the receptionist to another area and told the contract workers that they could go home with full pay and provide free consultation to support them.
The woman, who declined to be named, said the incident occurred on December 19 and 20 --
In her last days as a contractor for Vodafone.
She said the first mag worm fell on her companion around one o\'clock P. M. on December 19.
Staff at the reception desk at Vodafone Auckland headquarters are using computers.
As more mag worms continued to fall, the woman said they had set up a temporary reception about three metres from where the mag worms fell.
\"We are not allowed to leave.
The area was blocked.
We are not allowed to sit on stools or anywhere by senior management.
\"The next morning, the woman started working and found dozens of maggots around the reception desk, and some in the cafe\'s seats were in the atrium.
\"We were instructed to call the cleaners and tell them there was more\" breakfast \"in the atrium \".
This is the code word for mag worm. My co-
The worker and I arranged another reception.
\"But within an hour of starting work, the worker claimed that Vodafone management had told the receptionist to return to reception while removing the barrier from the area.
\"Mag worms are still falling.
I explained this to the most senior manager and we were simply told \"ladies behind the table.
The woman said her colleague
The worker then became too upset to work and walked into a back house while she called her employment agency to confirm that she would not lose her holiday pay if she refused to work, because it was the last day of her work.
\"A senior manager and a manager from Vodafone attended several meetings.
I left my desk after confirming I wouldn\'t lose money and went back to my colleague
Workers behind
\"The manager of our company went to the back and patted his hand and said,\" Yes, who is going out ? \"? \".
I said neither of us would go out (
Mag bugs keep falling).
I explained that working under these conditions was \"flatly rejected.
\"The manager then advised the women to meet with the Vodafone manager, who had previously told them to go back to the front desk.
\"I refused and said I would not talk to a company\'s HR representative unless I had one with me.
\"The woman said that if they do not continue to work behind their desks, she will be told that they will be given an official warning.
\"This is a very exciting time for my two colleagues.
The worker and I
We felt very lonely and bullied.
It even happened and we were annoyed.
\"The agency\'s HR representative then told them that they could not be warned because they were contractors and did not work directly for Vodafone.
She advised them to leave the building.
The lady said she didn\'t leave because it was her last day and she wanted to stay with friends she made at the company.
The receptionist is not allowed to sit at the temporary reception but is given extra rest time from the normal reception.
The lady said she wanted to speak out about the situation because she wanted to highlight a culture of bullying in the building.
\"This is one of many examples, which is definitely the most disgusting.
Vodafone doesn\'t have enough whistle blowing systems and I feel that talking to you is the only way to improve the system, \"she said.
A spokeswoman for Vodafone confirmed that the company had identified and urgently dealt with an \"unfortunate and unforeseen pest control incident\" at its Auckland headquarters \".
\"The mag bug was found above our reception area and we immediately closed it and blocked it.
\"The problem is related to a bird trapped and dead.
The receptionist was moved to a separate area and was advised by their employer, Converga, that they could go home in full, she said.
Vodafone also provides additional support, including free staff assistance program consultation.
The spokesman said that a former receptionist had been contacted and asked her to contact her health and safety manager to provide specific details of the concerns she did not have to do so.
\"The individual confirmed to us in writing that she agreed that\" the health and safety issue was resolved on the afternoon of December 20, \"However, despite our request, but they didn\'t provide the details of their specific attention, which would make Max [
Health and Safety Manager}
Further investigation.
The spokeswoman encouraged the woman to contact again.
She said Vodafone is proud of its diversity, inclusion and industry culture --
Leading policies in the areas of pay equality, domestic violence and bullying and harassment.
\"We do not condone any bullying or harassment, nor do we investigate any allegations thoroughly.
\"There are a number of ways we can get support for bullying and harassment issues, including anonymous hotlines and confidential counselling services for staff assistance programs.
All workers, including contractors, have access to these services, she said.
In response to her concerns, the spokeswoman said she also contacted the woman\'s agency, Converga.
\"Although she did not file a complaint with them on this matter, we encourage them to investigate further.
They then interviewed all of their Vodafone.
HQ staff-not limited to receptionists-discuss their workplace environment and determine if any staff are concerned about harassment or bullying.
\"Events in this area have not been reported in these discussions, so there are no further follow-up events --
Was think is necessary
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