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Waterproofing of bathroom floor drains

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-09

The waterproofing method of bathroom floor drain is worth learning. Let's mainly discuss the waterproofing method of bathroom floor drain: waterproof construction method, let's learn and use it! 1. Waterproofing method of bathroom floor drain: base surface (substrate) treatment: Make the base surface flat, firm, clean, free of dust, greasy, wax, holes, seams, etc. The periphery of the floor drain, the nozzle and the flue are first anchored with the nozzle grouting material. The yin and yang angles of the base surface need to be processed into a circular arc. The newly poured concrete surface needs to be completely dry and solid before construction. 2. Waterproofing method of bathroom floor drain: Usage: Stirring: Pour the liquid material into the container first, then slowly add the powder, and stir it for 3-5 minutes to form a uniform slurry without powder and particles, and it can be used. Brushing: Brush directly on the base surface with a brush or roller brush, with uniform strength and do not miss brushing; generally need to brush more than 2 times, and the thickness of each brushing cannot exceed; 3. Bathroom floor drain waterproofing practices: Maintenance: Construction It is recommended to spray water to maintain the coating as a child. 4. Waterproofing practices for bathroom floor drains: Inspection: According to the waterproof construction process, each process is carefully inspected and accepted. The waterproof layer has no defects such as bulging, trachoma, cracking, and edge warping, and the surface is smooth. Closed water test: The toilet, pool and other parts are stored for an hour after drying to check whether the waterproof construction is qualified. It is not difficult to waterproof the bathroom floor drain, the important thing is how to operate it accurately.

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