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What are granite and marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-08
and granite is natural stone, the stone decoration is more and more popular today, for the people want to use them to decorate before not seriously read so often silly points not clear, also don't know how to choice is better. Can distinguish from the generalized, is in general, who has a texture, called the marble, the mainly point spot is called a granite. In a narrow sense to distinguish between words, there are still a lot of difference between natural marble is the earth's crust rocks in the lithosphere forms through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust of metamorphic rocks. It is the main component of calcium carbonate, belong to the hard stone. Natural granite is igneous rock, also known as acidity crystallization plutonic rock, is one of the most widespread in igneous rock, rock main composition is sio2, belong to the hard stone. Granite used for outdoor decoration building, because do not contain carbonate, bibulous rate is small, the weathering resistance is strong, can withstand long-term wind rain in the sun! Used for exterior wall decoration is a good choice. It besides used in home decoration, a lot of places of public activity is also often can see the figure of it, like taking a walk after meals park tree-lined trail and square dance people's square floor tile is used in the holy land of granite, foot traffic, these places are need granite stone material to withstand such hard wear-resisting. And solid surface sheets for sale superiority is relatively strong, because of its unique rich texture, adornment sex is strong, so much is used for indoor. Like natural marble household experience hall, all the house of the seven layer are made of marble. Each layer are different styles, have been experienced designers, professional design, decoration style luxury atmosphere, also reveal the atmosphere of the feast for the eyes everywhere! Natural marble texture after typesetting, unaware tiancheng joining together into a beautiful floor painting and background wall painting, the beauty of the solid surface sheets for sale itself and developed to get incisively and vividly, every glance is a noble elegant visual perception. Contrast simply understand actually, will know that the marble is the preferred home decoration, it is the natural granite as though, but the superiority of the marble is better than it is a lot of raise!
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