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What are the types of marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-01
is extremely rich mineral resources in China, the reserves big, many varieties, the total reserves in the world. is extremely rich mineral resources in China, the reserves big, many varieties, the total reserves in the world. According to incomplete statistics, homebred marble have been nearly more than 400 varieties, each kind of marble has its own unique pattern color, has a different style and temperament! Their temperament is like a graceful goddess, truly the girl, and like a personable childe! Style is elegant, mysterious deep and soft wen wan. Varieties of the marble will be named in a different way to distinguish, some names in origin and color, such as dandong green, tieling red, white and grey Italy, etc. ; Some names with decorative pattern and color, such as Snow White, YiYeQing, big gray; There are named after the pattern image, such as autumn scenery, waves; Therefore, because of different origin often have similar names or different rock phenomenon appear the same name. color variety, more famous white: white marble,, Snow White and the sky was a fish-belly grey. Gray: domestic zhejiang hangzhou hangzhou ash; Yunnan Dali clouds ash, etc. ; Foreign cloud DORA ash and Turkish grey, etc. Yellow: henan province rosin yellow, loose the breeze and cream-colored; Sichuan baoxing yellow line jade and so on. Color: spring flowers, autumn flowers in yunnan province, ink painting, flowers; Zhejiang quzhou snowy day plum flower, etc. Classification of marble in addition to the division of the varieties, and its design and color texture segmentation, such as 'white' Shi Li stones industry co. , LTD. , it also has the appearance of fine lines, straight grain and flow lines. White pine straight grain texture direction because it is a straight line extension, so used for background wall decoration still have the effect that make the space look more open! White flow lines, meaning water pentium, symbolizing the bonanza, adornment can build the dimensional feeling of atmosphere is bold and unrestrained. because of its appearance quality, surface finish, will there be any difference between the ABCD class, yet to make great efforts one time when the choose and buy carries on the examination, so as to make good use of them to achieve perfect adornment value satisfactory adornment result.
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