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What are the typical features of decorative stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-22
What are the typical features of decorative stone material are introduced, namely building decorative wall mounted bar countertop, building decoration stone refers to be cutting, polishing and processing performance, as facing material in building stone, including two types: natural stone and artificial stone. Natural stone material refers to the natural solid surface sheets for sale and solid surface, artificial stone, including terrazzo, artificial solid surface sheets for sale, artificial solid surface and other artificial stone. The difference between the material and construction stone is more decorative. , solid surface, SLATE is the main three kinds of decorative stone, they include the natural material, more than 99% of the species. Material must conform to the three basic requirements: 1 has external decorative aesthetics. This is from the visual and appreciation, the understanding of the historical and cultural perspective, each national, regional, habits and preferences, use the adornment of the stone color is different, but anyway as long as used as decoration must want to consider the external beauty of stone. This is a design, select material, the factors of choice. 2 has scale reserves, can be industrialized production. Decorative stone the size of the reserves is the premise of the varieties can be suitable for industrialized production, no reserves to industrialized exploitation scale and on the persistence of the market is poor, the economic cost is high, not form a brand. 3 the physical and chemical performance meets the requirement of building and decoration. General technical parameters.
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