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What is the difference between a regular hand dryer and a jet hand dryer-Quick Dry Hand, Hand Dryer

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-06

The wind speed of ordinary hand dryers is only about 15 m/s, and the drying time is generally more than 25 seconds; while the air speed of jet hand dryers reaches 90 m/s, and the strong double-sided jet air quickly blows the water droplets on the hand Dry, the time is only 56 seconds, which improves the work efficiency. The thermal power of ordinary hand dryers with low power consumption and energy saving is above 1500W, and the hair dryer is also above 100W, which consumes infinite power; while jet hand dryers only rely on strong jet air to dry hands, and the power is only 650W, which is the lowest power in the market at present. For the hand dryer, your monthly electricity consumption is the operating cost of the hand dryer. In addition, the hand drying time is extremely fast, energy saving, and operating costs are also saved. Balanced colony environmental protection Ordinary hand dryer has no tray design, water droplets often wet the ground or splash on guests, causing secondary pollution; while the unique touch-free hand drying system of jet hand dryer provides a high degree of sanitation and cleaning procedures. Hand areas, drains and drains are all coated with a balanced colony coating to fully meet the stringent hygiene requirements of various types of restrooms. There are many varieties of high-quality ordinary hand dryers, the quality is uneven, and the appearance is stingy. The high-end toilet has entered the era of perfection.

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