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What is the difference between marble tiles and natural marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-01
tile and natural marble as a high-end decorative materials, a lot of people will be marble and marble tile mistaken for the same product, although the marble tiles was produced on the basis of the marble, belongs to a kind of derivative materials, marble and marble tile there are still many differences, however, let's look at what the difference between the two. In the first place. tile and marble does not belong to the same variety, development concept derived from the marble, marble tiles is inherited marble performance on the development of a new type of ceramic tile. Yes, solid surface sheets for sale, its essence is ceramic tile ceramic tile, marble tile using high-tech 5 d unreal colour inkjet, reducing both the decorative pattern of marble, also inherited the advantages of the porcelain tile decoration. Secondly; For performance, the marble have adornment effect is good, high pressure resistance, long service life, a unique decorative pattern, marble tiles have strong pressure resistance, easy processing, low loss, is convenient for cutting. Two kinds of decorative materials from the environmental performance belong to A class, can be used for interior decoration. From the perspective of application, the current main used in floor, marble tile and marble use range is relatively wide, marble price is higher than porcelain tile, solid surface sheets for sale, of course, but the low end of the marble of the specifications of the price also has dozens of pieces of a square plate, such as white marble baseboard, affordable, long service life, very suitable for table decoration.
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