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What is the real whole bathroom-whole bathroom, bathroom market

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-21

In the bathroom market, the whole bathroom is no longer a new concept, but in the case that the whole bathroom has not yet formed the mainstream, there are still some important misunderstandings about the overall bathroom. The whole bathroom is not a collection of individual products. Some people think that the toilet, basin and bathtub are the whole bathroom. People are accustomed to buying individual bathroom products - toilets and washbasins in the United States, showers in Germany, bathtubs in Italy, and bathroom cabinets in China. But such a bathroom can not be regarded as a whole bathroom. How to coordinate Chinese style and Western style? How to unify classical and modern? Only one color or three? These are the problems that need to be solved urgently in decoration. There are always so many dissonances in bathrooms that aren't designed accurately. The overall bathroom is not a Japanese-style plastic box. Due to the crowded living environment in Japan, all bathroom facilities must be placed in a small space of one or two square meters, so the so-called plastic molded overall bathroom appears. Its whole is mainly reflected in its molded chassis. It is integral and has the function of waterproof and leakproof. This kind of bathroom lacks personalization, and the overall bulk of the waterproof chassis is too large. It will be difficult to dispose of it as garbage after it is eliminated in the future, which is not in line with the concept of environmental protection. This kind of 'plastic box' also cannot be counted as a complete bathroom in the true sense. What is the real whole bathroom? The whole bathroom is a separate sanitary unit that realizes multiple functions such as washing, bathing, dressing, and toileting in a limited space. It uses an integrated waterproof chassis, siding and top cover to form an overall frame, and integrates sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bath screen, bathtub, shower, tile accessories, etc. into one overall environment. The design of any single bathroom product must be integrated into a unified overall environment, and this is the root of customized bathroom. The overall bathroom is a new fashion for modern consumption, which can realize the double enjoyment from life needs to spiritual pleasure, and provide consumers with a modern new bathroom experience that integrates bathing, leisure, maintaining health, fashion, warmth and sweetness.

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