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What must be paid attention to in bathroom construction-bathroom construction, what to pay attention to

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-15

1. The threshold threshold is a checkpoint to prevent water from overflowing from the bathroom. Its design and construction points are as follows: 1. The upper plane of the threshold should be inclined to the inside of the bathroom, so that the water droplets can smoothly slide to the inside of the bathroom; 2. The threshold It should be the same width as the door frame, and the door frame should be the same thickness as the wall, so that there will be no large access when laying floor tiles, and the chance of cracks will be relatively reduced. 2. Ground Waterproofing There are many kinds of waterproofing materials, and the most commonly used is waterproofing agent. When laying the waterproof layer, it should be spread to about 20 cm above the foot of the wall, at least not lower than the height of the threshold. When there are reserved pipes on the floor, the waterproof layer also needs to cover the reserved pipes. After the floor is waterproof and dry, it must be primed with cement mortar or protective measures must be taken immediately to prevent the waterproof layer from being damaged. 3. There are three essentials for laying floor tiles: 1. There should be a drainage slope of about 1%, and the slope should be directed to the water outlet of the floor; 2. The joints of the floor tiles should be the same thickness, and should be aligned with the joints of the wall tiles; 3. When the front wall of the bathtub is made of bricks and tiles, it is better to stick the floor tiles to the bottom of the wall first, and then stick to the wall tiles to avoid cracks. 4. Washing countertop The washing countertop should be a whole body (that is, the surface material of the countertop is consistent with the internal material composition and color), and a countertop with only one layer of surface plastic shell cannot be selected, because the countertop with only the surface plastic shell cannot be repaired once it is damaged. (To check whether the countertop is a whole body, the light can be illuminated from the back at a close distance, and the permeable countertop is the whole body). In addition, the joints of the countertop and the washbasin must be filled with caulk to prevent water from seeping out of the joints. Generally, when installing the toilet, it is customary to use cement mortar to fill the toilet. In fact, this method is wrong. After fixing the toilet in this way, the toilet cannot be disassembled again. If the pipeline is seriously blocked, only knock it off. A toilet is one way. 5. Exhaust fan Generally, when people build houses, they do not pay much attention to the ventilation equipment in the bathroom, and most of them just install an exhaust fan. The bad gas in the bathroom cannot be exhausted outside, and it is still only circulated in the bathroom.

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