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What to do if the bathroom floor drain is not deodorant-bathroom, the floor drain is not deodorant

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-19

The small floor drain is an indispensable hardware product in the decoration process of modern bathroom space. It can make the water in the bathroom space drain out immediately and keep the whole bathroom space dry. However, some people reported that the bathroom space After the floor drain has been used for a period of time, it will always emit a foul smell from time to time, which seriously affects the quality of life in the bathroom. So what should I do if the bathroom floor drain is not deodorant? In such a situation, the editor suggests that you should first analyze the reason why it is not deodorant, and then prescribe the right medicine! The reasons why the bathroom floor drain is not deodorant may be: 1. The bathroom is not installed with deodorant floor drain. 2. If the toilet is not used for a long time, the water in the water storage trap of the deodorant floor drain slowly evaporates and loses its deodorizing function. The solution to the problem that the bathroom floor drain is not deodorant: 1. If the bathroom is not installed with a deodorant floor drain, then install a deodorant floor drain on it. The deodorant floor drain is divided into two types: seal and water seal. Sealing: rely on magnet attraction to hold the lid to isolate the odor. Water seal: It has a water storage bend, which prevents the smell of the sewer from returning through the sealing effect of water, and the sealing effect is better. 2. When choosing a deodorant floor drain, try to choose a floor drain with a deep water storage curve, and a floor drain with a water seal height of 5CM has a better deodorant effect. 3. If you don’t use the bathroom for a long time, you also need to maintain the floor drain. You must know that the water in the floor drain and the water storage trap will not be able to deodorize once it dries. Therefore, in the dry season, you should use more clean water to sprinkle the floor drain. . 4. Since the floor drain is to be pre-buried in cement and should not be replaced, it is recommended to choose an all-copper floor drain. For stainless steel, choose thicker zinc to avoid rusting. PVC is easy to age and do not use. 5. The washing machine should use a special washing machine floor drain. This floor drain has a rotation control and can be rotated and closed when not in use. Do not use a water seal that is too deep in the washing machine, otherwise the water flow is too fast and it will easily overflow.

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