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What? White marble is not a jade?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
Said so long marble as we all know how this word? solid surface sheets from Greek marmaros English meaning of the acrylic countertops 'of the' luminous applied to grinding with small stones into marbles ( Marbles is played as a child of the luxury version? And the marble is the name comes from its origin because previously made in Dali in yunnan province are the most famous is called 'marble' white marble also is a kind of solid surface sheets, its main producing area in Beijing well its whiteness, quality of a material is solid and delicate, very easy to sculpture is through the ages and precious materials of imperial stone railings, stairs and bridge like the Forbidden City are made of white marble acrylic countertops oh the name origin is interesting since han dynasty in China started to use it is rumoured the whiteness of mei-yu construction, decoration, sculpture of Buddha temple palace, adorn hall room over time they slipped out became white marble so white marble is not jade, but a pure white marble oh ~ and a marble Shi Shen red shades, like the setting sun, a sky people call it 'cloud stone' of its decorative pattern nature, colorful and bright like a poet li yu wrote: Gao Qiuyue white wind, the rain ji sunset red acrylic countertops itself and its name as charming ~
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