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Where is the white marble mine?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-15
Where is the white solid surface sheets for sale mine? White marble mine is mainly said the marble, and since the marble of hezhou is given priority to with white, so called white stone. White marble mine is mainly said the marble, and since the marble of hezhou is given priority to with white, so called white stone. World white marble with its pure white like jade, crystal clear, and possesses the advantages of no radiation and favored by consumers across, out-of-town businessmen are used to call congratulation state white marble stone 'white'. The city's white marble mineral resources reserves of 2. 6 billion cubic meters, mainly concentrated in zhong county at high town, new league, in two villages at the pleasure of baoshan, horse pond mountain, general hill, concave, cattle manure basket pond, small Dong concave, big Dong drum drum huangtian town and eight steps in discharge white rock area within the territory of the village. varieties such as white, gray, mucomembranous, colored and black class type, including white dominate, accounts for about 76% of the entire marble reserves, with abundant resources, quality excellent, easy mining, after polishing high bright as a mirror, grain is beautiful, generous, etc. Hezhou, situated at northeast of zhuang autonomous region, is located in hunan, guangdong, guangxi provinces ( Autonomous region) Ocean. The east of guangdong huaiji, even states, such as cities and counties, the north of hunan province on women's script, the two counties, guilin is in the west, south to wuzhou. Located in the scenery of guilin, the calcium carbonate in China and the capital of the world are derived. The east is adjacent to guangdong qingyuan, zhaoqing, north connected to yongzhou in hunan province. Company close to the national highway line, 207/323 to wuzhou port is only 170 kilometers, 330 kilometers to huangpu, convenient transportation through guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and other sea route. 1, the company has its own marble mining raw materials, the production of natural landscape in one stone, marble set products sold throughout the country and around the world, favored by the broad masses of Chinese and foreign customers and welcome. 2, the company has advanced a variety of mining equipment 17 units, 30 transport vehicles, accessible throughout the year is about 10000 m production of about 300000 tons of ore; All kinds of advanced production equipment to produce various specifications of the plate, annual production capacity of up to 00000 m. 3, the company owns the following related subsidiaries: hezhou industry powder co. , LTD. , a new and marble processing factory. 4, hezhou al powder co. , LTD can produce calcium carbonate powder, about 20000 tons a year; New and hing marble technology to produce various special-shaped about 500000 items, arts and crafts products are of good quality, exquisite craft, enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad.
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