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Where there is a gray marble mine base

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-09
Gray marble mine base distribution in hezhou, guilin, in eastern China, including hezhou reserves, the largest up to 2. 6 billion cubic meters, the majority is given priority to with white gray stripe and white yellow stripe of white marble. The distribution characteristics of white marble obviously characteristic; The same field distribution of a large number of mining, production materials have met also have difference. Grey white solid surface sheets for sale mines not only produces grain stone, also produce large white, crystal white, white marble and other high-end varieties. Mainly white marble varieties are mainly distributed in the world within the mining area of 20 square kilometers, stone material density is higher, general big amount, and together the white stone the varieties are better. The global high-end varieties are mainly white marble; , Snow White, gray, the sky was a fish-belly grey in grey, fine white, white marble, etc. And high-end, the main producing area of white marble is the world recognized the main white wall mounted bar countertop mining area; Card VOLAKAS lala, Greece, Italy baoxing in China. Baoxing is a rising star in China, the Chinese white solid surface sheets for sale white marble, one of the most famous is the 'best quality white marble well, along with the uninterrupted mining makes the lack of resources, now well white marble mine are still closed mine improvement environment. Dolomite is also called the white marble, dolomite origin mainly concentrated in the central and southern areas in China, there are mainly the province, hunan, yunnan, sichuan, shaanxi, hubei, zhejiang province. To phenomenon is our country northern region lack of varieties of white marble, and this year the head of the international wall mounted bar countertop city, more and more business started a business white stone, stone material is not only high profits, some of the biggest advantage is to reduce the wall mounted bar countertop material of hoarding.
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