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Which basin drainer is good? How to install the basin drainer-basin drainer, basin drainer, how to install

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-25

Three Notes for Basin Drainer Purchase Many owners who have been renovating for many years have an experience that after long-term use of the washbasin, it is easy to cause dirt to adhere to the washbasin drainer, and the water accumulates in the washbasin. In fact, this is because the drainer has not been cleaned up, which highlights a problem. When buying a basin drainer, you must buy one that is easy to clean, otherwise the basin will easily accumulate water. Basin Drainer Purchase Note 1: Types of Basin Drainers There are several types of sinks for washbasins. Earlier, there were pull-up types, and later there were flap-type and bounce-type. If it is cleaned in time, the mechanical properties are not very good due to the deposition and adhesion of dirt. The old-fashioned pull-type drain is no longer commonly used. Now, when choosing a drain, choose the one that can take out the entire inner core, clean it and put it back in, which is convenient for cleaning. The pop-up drain looks very nice, but after a period of use, you need to unscrew the drain and scrub the dirt on it with detergent, so as to ensure that the water flows smoothly into the sewer; such a drain has a disadvantage, It is very difficult to find a special drain for this kind of ceramic basin. Generally, it is a glass basin. The ceramic drain is a pipe with a drain on the bottom. Some suppliers have made a hole in the glass drain. The sewer is sold. Such a modified glass drain outlet should be much shorter. If the ceramic basin is thicker, the lower buckle will not be fastened, so it can only be screwed with a hexagonal hook, but after installation It is very weak and easy to loosen, so it is better not to choose this kind of drain. Basin drainer purchase note 2: Precautions for purchasing drain pipes The drain water of the wash basin is a metal drain pipe with a threaded pipe in the middle, which can be bent and inserted, and the installation is very easy; it is better not to buy it Threaded pipe, this kind of pipe is easy to hide dirty things; now there is a ready-made plastic drain with a water return bend on the market, although it is cheap, but the quality is very poor, it is easy to leak water, and if there are mice in the house, there will be a sewer pipe The situation of being bitten by mice is very annoying. Basin drainer purchase note 3: easy-to-use washbasin drainpipe A better drainpipe under the washbasin is a 32-pipe combination with a deodorant square box. This type of drain is not only of good quality, but also close to The height is very easy to adjust, it is very easy to install, especially the exposed and concealed installations are very beautiful, the price is slightly more expensive, but it is very convenient to use. The installation steps of the basin drainer: ★The drainer installed here is a bouncing drainer with an overflow hole. The installation steps of other drainers are similar to this. 1. Take out the drain. 2. Remove the fixing parts and flanges under the drainer. 3. Pick up the basin and take out the flange of the drain. Fourth, fasten the flange of the drain on the basin. 5. After the flange is tightened, place the basin flat on the countertop, and the drain outlet should be aligned with the mouth of the countertop. Sixth, wrap the raw material tape at the appropriate position of the water separator to prevent water seepage. 7. Aim the drainer at the drain of the basin. Eighth, put the drainer at the drain hole of the basin. 9. Align the drainer with the drain opening of the basin. 10. Take out the retainer of the drain and screw it on the drain. 11. Use a wrench to fasten the sewer tightly. 12. Put water in the basin to test.

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