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White marble?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-14
White marble decorative stone as the joker, it besides itself good hardness, high brightness, can easily create a comfortable warmth or light atmosphere of luxury atmosphere, each a different kind of white marble has a different pattern characteristic, can make different decoration style. Jazz white color white silence, known as the most elegant stone. Good workability, sound insulation, insulating and stays to deep processing applications, is the outstanding building decoration materials. Between refined fish maw pure white, grey, grey, quietly elegant, spent 1 billion yuan to build the international luxury five-star hotel - wisdom - Hangzhou huanglong hotel, large area USES white metope adornment, the sky was a fish-belly grey is surrounded by many pillars, the sky was a fish-belly grey around the whole decorated with classic white marble as main material, the sky was a fish-belly grey decorate the interior of pure and fresh bright beautiful, noble and elegant style. Carrara white, light gray silking, grain have dot and striate, mainly applied to the inside surface, such as floor, walls, pillars, and panel. White wood grain texture is a straight line extension, orderly arrangement, implicative inside collect, adornment effect can make the space look more open, can build the modern style of simplicity, Shi Li stones industry co. , LTD. 'household experience Shi Lifang natural solid surface sheets for sale house' on the first floor of the setting wall of lounge is to use the white wood grain, solid surface sheets for sale reveal the fashionable and elegant space. Audrey Hepburn in the float ash, activity union, with warm color collocation, appear sweet and elegant. With the cold tonal collocation, appear relaxed and clean. Hepburn in vain grain texture flows in one direction, can be outspread space. Large area of the shop is stuck in the space, can build the dimensional feeling of bold and unrestrained, dynamic atmosphere. Can also represent money like water, there is the moral of bonanza! White marble gradually became the beloved popularity marble, gripping it warm temperament and natural texture, hope we can all 'scudamore', find their own suitable marble.
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