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White marble light penetration effect how

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-15
Has pervious to light quality marble used for background wall decoration, the light source is placed on the back of the marble, solid surface sheets for sale present a transparent, can be seen from the front part of pervious to light stone on the market basically has jade, natural marble, artificial light stone. For some pervious to light stone material thickness is thinner than normal specifications, the thinner the pervious to light. Ruby as one of the most high hardness of marble white solid surface sheets for sale, marble have good pervious to light quality, for the transmission of light with more strong solid surface sheets for sale processing space, white marble stone as the most cost-effective, high-end jade have pervious to light quality and has strong function. Jade has the strongest pervious to light, the price of the jade is also many, the most precious stone jade decoration used in high-end hotel club is more, the average family decorate choose more pervious to light marble and artificial stone, the family is decorated jade is not recommended, not only to decorate cost is high, the transmission of light is too strong to watch for a long time. Market is the most used pervious to light quality materials artificial pervious to light stone, artificial stone main transmission price cheap main characteristics. But the pervious to light stone does not have natural marble grain clarity and administrative levels feeling, looks very rigid, stone without soul. White marble is not only good pervious to light, the price also is mephentermine, whole decorate effect is more objective, transparent stone belongs to the board, very suitable for home decoration. White light marble manufacturer, factory direct sales, price concessions, professional custom.
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