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White marble railings protective construction

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-10
Sichuan white marble railings protection construction should pay attention to what aspects? Sichuan white marble manufacturer today small make up to you explain: 1 leave work, white marble railings necessary to completely dry, the moisture content should not be greater than the relevant state standards. Collapse edge, Angle, crack, vague, etc should be repaired, and meet the construction requirements, Have a special requirement) After the talent construction. 2, clean white marble railings necessary. Before construction appearance should be float ash slag, cement, rubber, wax and other dirt clean finish. If the dirt has entered the internal white marble railings, can use white marble railings special detergent for cleaning. Shall not use the white marble railings dedicated germicides, prevent rendering for detergent choose wrong form white marble railings present color deepened, large area back to yellow. 3 should be in white marble railings, construction of protective surface repair and maintenance of celebrating, avoid the pollution. In protective touch possible experiments, such as influential to other information, also should make corresponding protective work. 4, 7 protective agent construction should ensure that there are enough to enter inside the white marble railings, protective agent into the depth of the white marble railings shall not be less than 1 mm protective construction necessary uniform and closed after into wax thickness shall not be less than 0. 1mm。 5, spraying construction should ensure that the air is relatively less activity, solvent protective agent construction should be far from them. 6, construction environment protection, temperature should be above 5 ℃ advisable. 7, protective agent is necessary to achieve uniform, shall not leak brush, or you will make the white marble railings bureau in the aftermath of the wet water wet, and constitute new lesions. Construction and maintenance of rear can use white marble railings, it should not touch the rain, a lot of moisture to pass the exam. 8, the white marble railings protection after construction should be single block stacking or pour pile, with a hard no pollutants between two pieces of white marble railings, and keep the ventilation. 9, if discover places were leakage protection construction brush, immediately with solvent protective agent to make up for. 10, protective agent, besmear again, often referred to as the protective agent on the entire surface to be processed white marble railings jagged two aspects to the besmear again. 11, choose soaking method do white marble railings 6 surface protection, cannot be the whole piece of white marble railings completely immersed in protection cannot into white marble railings relatively deep inside, and then affect the protection of white marble railings. The correct way is to immerse in white solid surface sheets railings, make the white marble railings always has an appearance exposed outside the protective liquid, make the air inside the white marble railings channel discharge. White marble railings of a surface to deal with turn the white marble railings over again after soaking the other side.
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