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Why is the word 'expensive' in the bathroom?-Top bathroom, products, expensive

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-01

Sanitary ware products are only recognized by a few high-end customers in the Shenyang home furnishing market.

World sanitary ware brands such as Hansgrohe, Duravit, Contemporary, and Laufen have settled in Shenyang home furnishing stores. Advanced brands and design concepts are a great enrichment for the bathroom market. However, when the reporter visited the market, we learned that our bathroom products are not only refreshing in terms of products, but also staggering in price. At every turn, the price is tens of thousands of yuan, and some are even hundreds of thousands of yuan, which really discourages many consumers. The reporter saw in stores such as Red Star Macalline and Easyhome that many sanitary ware products have been settled, and their high-end products are indeed eye-catching. According to the sales staff of the contemporary sanitary ware brand in the Red Star Macalline Dragon Dream Mall, the price of ordinary sanitary ware products is normal. Design is not at all in domestic brands. Some products in the store are used in high-level hotels. Likewise, the water plated with 24K gold and inlaid with crystals also shows its high-luxury side. Moreover, like Germany's Grohe, Hansgrohe also has its unique product design. On the other hand, the price of the product also surprised consumers who are used to seeing ordinary brands. The starting price of 10,000 yuan, or even the price of hundreds of thousands, makes the bathroom products seem so unattainable. The price of 40,000 yuan a piece of water and a set of showers of more than 300,000 yuan can easily be seen in the brand. Breaking the use of functions Achievement of bathroom art High-end bathroom products are high in price, but they have their own advantages in terms of functionality and artistry. According to the introduction of LAUFEN sanitary ware store sales: Most of these brands have a long history and experience, which is unmatched by ordinary sanitary ware brands. In addition, the products are not only functional, but have risen to the height of home art, but also bathrooms. An important part of the culture, it is also normal for the price to be relatively high. In fact, while bathroom products occupy the high ground in price, the products also have their own characteristics in function. For example, Hansgrohe has made a functional breakthrough in the hand shower. According to the sales introduction of Hansgrohe stores, the shower head with intelligent control device can switch freely between three different water modes with just one touch, and you can enjoy a brand-new comfortable massage at home. Narrow customer base Only high-end people can afford more than 300,000 yuan, they can buy a nice car, maybe even a house, but in the brand it only means the price of a shower. For such a high price, what is the sales situation in the market, and which consumers are willing to pay for it? According to the sales staff of Hansgrohe, such high-end products are widely used in many high-end hotels, luxury houses and villas. The customer base is relatively narrow and has high requirements for economic strength, but as the economic strength of some high-level people increases, they also have demand for products. Although we can't compare the traffic flow like other brands, we only wait for people who know how to appreciate the brand to buy. As for the future development, the sales staff of high-end brands also said that in the sales process, they often heard that some consumers like the design of the product very much, and they also lamented that the price is high, but the positioning of the brand determines everything, and the price cannot be changed. It is only an important step for the product to be recognized by consumers.

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