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Why maintenance of marble? What is action?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-22
In recent years, the acrylic countertops material is more and more into people's lives, families, in order to maintain the luster of the stone and durability, five-star international hotel uniform for marble acrylic countertops maintenance, so the family of solid surface sheets maintenance you clear? exactly why care? Small make up by baoxing jade stone factory today is to popularize the knowledge! Why 01, stone conservation? Myth: stone is a kind of don't need to maintain the durability of the material. Answer: stone need maintenance, of course, in our usual packing and shipping and some outside pollution ( Rain water, oil) Such as contact, will because of stone material itself has a natural highlight - physical characteristics Water imbibition, if we don't make solid surface sheets stone maintenance, it is easy to lead to marble stone is affected by many external factors and pollution generation. pollution problems often met: whiskering, rusty spot, spit yellow, blotch, oil stain, straw rope yellow and weathering, aging, fade in color, luster and wear, coupled with the marble texture is soft, so the marble stone maintenance is necessary. 02, stone conservation benefits of answer: baoxing jade stone manufacturers believe that many friends don't know what do stone conservation benefits, in fact, the stone material maintenance generally in addition to the prevention of disease phenomenon, prolong life, has the following benefits: 1 2 oil waterproof, antifouling 3 uv radiation ( Delay the stone fade time) 4 frost resistance, resistance to dissolve 5 keep stone permeability is 6 improve gloss 7 reduce daily maintenance difficulty 03, stone conservation methods solve: stone conservation methods, there are many small make up is not so much, give you a brief introduction of three kinds: crystal face treatment, infiltration leakage alcoves, yellow rust. The stone material maintenance aren't the best way is, when the penetration leak the stone, the fill cleft method can be used for repairing, another is yellow, the processing of rusty spot, give you a brief introduction of below. Fill method (alcoves 1) With caulking method solve the problem of penetration of leaky alcoves, confronted caulking work first, familiar with its process, keep the position of the construction of clean, do not affect the construction. ( 2) Caulking materials to good adhesion, and to reach without powder, waterproof, can the requirement of grinding and polishing; Choose marble cracks supplements, carried out in accordance with the process of interstitial fill, let it dry curing need to wait for 2 hours. Crystal processing method ( 1) With stone protective agent to protection the stone first, and then made 1 - stone crystal agent with a crystal Aren't 2 times; ( 2) Need according to the crystal plane of different types with different treatment agent, using the crystal machine also carefully polished, don't ignore small details. Yellow rust ( 1) use after a period of time, the surface will have a residual substance, such as pitting, look at the rusty spot area is big, can use steel wool polishing, good control and remove floating on the surface of rust. ( 2) Use a dedicated marble rust remover, put a white paper towel dry and wet rust on the surface, plastic film covering rust remover, let it seal 3 hours, then clean with neutral cleaning out to dry. Generally need to material is stone crystal agent, marble cracks supplements and rust remover, equipment for crystal machine, polishing machine, such as wool mat, friends heard these equipment materials are supposed to be agitated, ha ha, in fact or stone care company has sold on the market, these methods are simple, might as well try it yourself. If it is trouble, or worry about not enough professional, then please special stone care company. Both in the solid surface sheets and other stone, you can refer to the above solution, according to the actual situation of stone material maintenance, as far as possible to extend the time of its use, the usual maintenance work well done, stone use time will be longer, also also solve the problem of the stone non-renewable.
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