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With the improvement of people decorate grade, stone products in restaurants, hotel, KTV, office buildings, villas and other buildings has been widely used. stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-14

marble and granite as two common decorative stone, in the use of different environment choice which one is more appropriate, more cost-effective? Below is about both the essential difference between, can be used as a reference.

granite color is light color commonly, grey, grey, light grey, red, pinkish red and other more common.

solid surface are dominated by quartz, feldspar and pyroxene, hornblende, mineral composition, has a strong corrosion resistance, compressive strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, weather resistance, chemical stability strong, colour and lustre is beautiful wait for an advantage.
how to reasonable depending on the space of wall mounted bar countertop of choose and buy?
1, the floating window, decorative wall, toilet can choose marble mesa, relative granite to soft rock hardness, marble color variety, marble texture to be prettier, if choose more wave window light color marble, marble can give a person a kind of warmth, quiet feeling, solid surface sheets for sale can visually 'expand' the area of the window;
2, ambry mesa, threshold stone, step ladder mainly adopts granite, granitic rock hardness to dense, dark color, the color difference is small, how to choose brunet granite, good cleaning, granite and more have administrative levels feeling, will not make the person produces the feeling of light;
3, if can choose marble hole in the stone, decorative wall hole wall mounted bar countertop with yellow and white, concise atmospheric.
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